Graham Fisher  

Rabbit Island from Makapuu Beach by Graham Fisher

May 2020 - Rabbit Island from Makapuu Beach

About the Image(s)

This image of Rabbit Island was taken from Makapuu Beach near Honolulu, Oahu in Dec 2015. My wife and I were taking a cruise around four of the Hawaiian Islands. I had just finished editing this picture at home and decided to retire for the evening so went into our family room where my wife was watching TV. I was confused to see the exact same picture on our TV, but after some seconds had past some words appeared on the screen. No, it wasn’t credits for me, it was the opening scene from the movie South Pacific. Apparently, no points to me for originality! I hadn’t seen the movie before that day.

Nikon D800, Nikkor 28-300mm @ 48mm, 1/640 sec, f13, ISO200.

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Tom Brott   Tom Brott
I like the color contrast of the blues/aquas and greens with the contrasting clouds and the dark island in the background. I don't believe I would change a thing.   Posted: 05/20/2020 11:20:03

Fred Doerfler   Fred Doerfler
I like the colors and the water and sky. Very good composition. Very nice.   Posted: 05/23/2020 19:49:54

Cora Rosenhaft   Cora Rosenhaft
Very nice job with the layers of the image. The lighting and composition are very nice even got an interesting sky. Good job.   Posted: 05/31/2020 11:30:33

Alan Kiecker   Alan Kiecker
Graham - I can't add a thing to what already has been said. Very nice!   Posted: 05/31/2020 12:29:14