Alan Kiecker, QPSA  

Duluth Sunrise by Alan Kiecker, QPSA

January 2020 - Duluth Sunrise

January 2020 - Alan Kiecker, QPSA


About the Image(s)

Duluth, Minnesota is a major port for the transportation of iron ore to the eastern mills. This morning I found an ore ship waiting to enter the harbor for loading of the ore. This was an added attraction to the two lighthouses marking the entrance into the harbor.

Technical Details:

Nikon D810, Nikon 28-300mm lens @ 62mm, 15.0 sec @ f/11, ISO 64

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Fred Doerfler   Fred Doerfler
I like the colors and the composition and reflections. I like the image.   Posted: 01/12/2020 14:10:47

Graham Fisher   Graham Fisher
Very nice Alan. I like the colors and I like the sense of peace and calm portrayed by this image.
Don't you just love that 28-300mm lens. I use it all the time as my walk about lens.   Posted: 01/20/2020 15:37:25
Alan Kiecker   Alan Kiecker
About the lens … was my wife's but she has since gone smaller and lightweight: Olympus. So I have been trying out the 28-300 as, you say, a walk about lens. :-) In my usual kit I carry 16-35 f/4, 24-70 f/2.8, 70-200 f/2.8. With the 28-300 I can leave two of those at home and frequently all of them depending on what I am doing :-)   Posted: 01/20/2020 18:34:17

Nice image. Great colors, tonality and clarity. Definitely a keeper. I can't suggest anything to improve this image.

As for the lenses. My new go to lens is the Canon 28-300 when I'm not out birding. I find it is very useful with the zoom ranges.   Posted: 01/23/2020 15:54:41