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October 2019 - Untitled

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I took this image in the Galapagos. I was intrigued that the sea lion mirrored the rock in the background. This was at sunset. The image otherwise is so plain. I did a little to reduce the highlights and lighten the shadows. Is this image worth the trouble?

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Alan Kiecker   Alan Kiecker
As you say, an intriguing image! I really can't offer any suggestions for improving it. Is it worth the trouble? Maybe not for entering in an international, but certainly worth including in a book of your trip!   Posted: 10/21/2019 18:31:35

Tom Brott   Tom Brott
As Alan said this is probably a good scrapbook image from your trip but not spending a lot of time trying to make it competition worthy. I sure you have many other images from your trip that you would be better off spending time on.   Posted: 10/25/2019 20:49:27

Fred Doerfler   Fred Doerfler
Thanks for the comments. Always helpful. I thought the same you both thought!!   Posted: 10/30/2019 21:01:10