Margaret Sprott, APSA  

Rainbow by a Fountain by Margaret Sprott, APSA

November 2020 - Rainbow by a Fountain

About the Image(s)

This was taken in 2005 in Strasbourg, France. I was shooting slides then and now I'm trying to scan some of my favorite ones. I did my usual post processing in Lightroom and then finished it in Photoshop. I was still using my tripod then but I'm not sure about my settings.

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Lloyd Delaney   Lloyd Delaney
Nice moment. What if you increases the whites so the tree and the fountain were a bit brighter?   Posted: 11/03/2020 14:50:51
Margaret Sprott   Margaret Sprott
Good idea. Maybe I'll have time after the election to try it. Thanks for the suggestion.   Posted: 11/03/2020 15:37:18

Beverly Caine   Beverly Caine
Lovely image. to your time constraints...this Election will never be over so better rearrange your time.   Posted: 11/06/2020 13:24:56
Margaret Sprott   Margaret Sprott
Bev, I think you're right. Glad you liked my image.   Posted: 11/06/2020 18:43:00

Jamie Federick   Jamie Federick
I love any photo that shows the promise through a rainbow. It is probably hard to get it sharper being converted from slides. Great job!   Posted: 11/08/2020 14:27:02

Mary Walsh   Mary Walsh
Very pretty shot! Love the balance in the way you composed it.   Posted: 11/09/2020 08:17:41

Emily Kawasaki   Emily Kawasaki
Margaret, I love this image. That's a beautiful full rainbow that you captured in the fountain. Great shot!   Posted: 11/17/2020 13:03:47
Margaret Sprott   Margaret Sprott
Thank you! That was before I stopped using the tripod for everything.   Posted: 11/17/2020 13:37:35