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DARK SERIES by Sean Sullivan

October 2019 - DARK SERIES

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This is one from my new "Dark Series". I've learned this new technique for taking any architectural images, regardless of time of day it was taken, and make it look ominous. No special filters other then Camera Raw. First you convert the image to black and white, bump up the contrast, texture and clarity (I do that in LR usually, then bring it into PS). Then I extract the subject and use the Camera Raw filter to do some magic and some other things in PS and Bob's your Uncle. I can give more details but like to keep the mystery alive. :) Original taken with a Olympus EM-D Mark III at 14mm.

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Beverly Caine   Beverly Caine
I'm not a big fan of this image. A bit too dark for my taste and am not really sure what it is. I'm also not sure what "Bob' your Uncle" in your comment refers to.   Posted: 10/04/2019 15:01:24
Sean Sullivan   Sean Sullivan
FileName says what it is. Silo. It's a shot of a corn silo looking up. Sorry that your not a fan, i'm in my "dark phase" right now. :)

As for Bob's Your Uncle...old British expression from late 1800's. Means "Your all set" or "there you have it".

  Posted: 10/04/2019 16:16:20
Sean Sullivan   Sean Sullivan
Btw, I thought I included the original image.   Posted: 10/04/2019 16:18:37
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Valerie Fall   Valerie Fall
What an amazing transformation! I thought the final was a picture of the top of a train car. Well done!   Posted: 10/04/2019 16:53:17

Beverly Caine   Beverly Caine
I personally prefer the original image although I'm still not sure exactly what it is. It must be me.   Posted: 10/04/2019 19:14:20
Sean Sullivan   Sean Sullivan
Maybe this view will help. :)   Posted: 10/04/2019 19:56:37
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Beverly Caine   Beverly Caine
I like this one much better.   Posted: 10/05/2019 05:06:30

W. Neil Jones   W. Neil Jones
Sean, I really like the range of tones and the textures. Nice job!
  Posted: 10/06/2019 20:39:17

Margaret Sprott   Margaret Sprott
Now Bev sounds like me - liking reality better. However, I do like your original image (especially the sky) but I think I would like if the posted one were a little less dark. Maybe that would not give you the feel you're looking for though.   Posted: 10/07/2019 08:25:23

Stephen Levitas   Stephen Levitas
(Group 32)
I really like your "dark series" image, both as an example of a body of work, and this specific one. Suggest you do a show.
Also, I think your signature detracts from this sort of image.   Posted: 10/08/2019 21:43:30


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