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April 2021 - Untitled

April 2021 - Albert Zabin


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10 Peaks and Moraine Lake, Jasper NP in background. Nikon 24=230m, 38mm, Developed dwithOn1 and LR. Straight forward development sharpened 100%, contrast gently enhanced,

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Ed Ford   Ed Ford
I have always liked mountain-scapes and to my eye this is a good one Albert. To my eye the balance between the dynamic sky and the peaceful lake with the reflection of the mountains made for a nicely balanced composition and a nice frame for the mountains.

I do have a couple of things about the image I would suggest - one is strictly a personal thought - while I do like the way the lake is framed I believe I would like to see more detail in the forested area around the lake. Also the white borders on the right and the top, to my view, take away from the image. I did a little work in it in PS 2021 and would be interested in your thoughts - good, bad, or …   Posted: 04/01/2021 21:16:18
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Colin Bradshaw   Colin Bradshaw
Hi Albert a good landscape shot, I agree with the points Ed has made as an addition I would clone over the very bright area of sky top left, also there is a process line on the right of the last mountain which you could remove with a darken layer, there is also a black dot that catches my eye level with the top of the mountain towards the right. the colour and B&W white are both good they both make me want to go there.   Posted: 04/06/2021 02:59:12

Kirsti Näntö-Salonen   Kirsti Näntö-Salonen
Hi Albert, a majestetic scenery! The shadows and lights and reflections are absolutely beautiful. It looks great in color, too, but I like the monochrome version even better. I was wondering how it would look if the sky were cropped a little tighter. It would leave intact the most spectacular clouds and get rid of the bright area on the left. I feel that it would not lose the sense of sky-high mountain tops, and maybe it would even gain a little in balance? What do you think?   Posted: 04/06/2021 12:35:43
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Albert Zabin   Albert Zabin
Thank you all. I certainly should have removed the white around picture. Sloppy of me. I don't know how I could get a lot more detail without oversharpening I also would worry that too much detail could be distracting. The three elements of the picture are the sky, the lake where the reflections of the help unfy the composition, and of course the mountains. I agree fully with Kristi's suggestion, which simplifies the photo and eliminates some unpleasantness in the upper right hand corner   Posted: 04/06/2021 13:47:15

Jen Carrick   Jen Carrick
I really enjoyed your image Albert, as it is one of the places on my wish list. The lake holds a lot of interest for me, being surrounded with fir trees. Kristi's treatment, with its cropped sky is very successful too.   Posted: 04/15/2021 16:07:59


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