Jack Florence Jr  

Desert Scrub by Jack Florence Jr

January 2021 - Desert Scrub

January 2021 - Jack Florence Jr


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I liked this image because of the rabbit ears scrub with it's long shadow. I don't usually use the white vignette in Silver Fx, because it's just too identifiable as a preset, but in this case, it nicely covered up some flaws in the original, such as my not leaving quite enough space around the edges, and some distracting landscape up top. Would you prefer the scrub and shadow to be blacker, as in silhouette? I look forward to your comments.

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Colin Bradshaw   Colin Bradshaw
interesting image, overall a nice composition, its a tad to close to the top of the frame for my liking and I think I would remove the dark marks on the lower left.   Posted: 01/07/2021 12:05:57

Albert Zabin   Albert Zabin
I think this is a very interesting photo, but it needs some work. I personally rarely use white vignettes (actually I can't remember any photo that I've made with a white vignette). I think the photo should be stronger with the wind marks of the sand were prominent so you would have a sunburst composition., The scrub is strong element, but it needs some additional support. I feel that shadow is not enough, particularly in the top of the image. Another approach might be to crop the sides and strengthen the wind marks leading to and the scrub n the bottom and the top so that the visual flow would be from the bottom to the scrub and then away. I would like to see that composition with a dark vignette and one with a white vignette.   Posted: 01/09/2021 12:03:02
Jack Florence Jr   Jack Florence Jr
Thanks Albert. I've strengthened the ripples, cropped a bit on the sides, and added some dark vignette. I'm not sure this is what you were after, but it's another take:

  Posted: 01/10/2021 14:04:16
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Jen Carrick   Jen Carrick
Jack, I do see the advantages of the white vignette but on the whole, prefer the darker version as it shows more of the contour of the land.   Posted: 01/10/2021 15:39:06

Albert Zabin   Albert Zabin
Is it what you were after? I think the vignette could be lightened, but I do think that you have a mofre dynamic imaage.   Posted: 01/11/2021 11:54:30

Adrian Binney   Adrian Binney
I too prefer the dark version Jack! You've changed a number of things. By cropping off the top, has removed the issue "oh it's too close to the top border". Now, your pushing our eyes more to the shadows and giving the impression you didn't need or want the whole bush included.
Your new version is also great for the sand ripples. I like the effect, accepting the strong vignette may not be to everyone's taste, but I think it words vs the ripples.
My only suggestion is to remove the divot by the left margin - I find it distract.
Thank you showing this version - just to add, I have used white vignette a few times in snowy situations.   Posted: 01/12/2021 12:29:13

Ed Ford   Ed Ford
I like the stark simplicity of the image. The technical quality, to my eye, is excellent.

I do wish you had given the scrub more room around the edges and perhaps a little closer to the center of the image. Both the scrub and its shadow come too close to the edge of the image both with and without the vignette for my eye. I have an unbalanced feeling as I look at the image.

I do like your second version better as it brings out the texture of the wind waves in the sand better.

Thank you for sharing it with us.   Posted: 01/22/2021 18:35:54


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