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Small but Good Ride by Ed Ford

October 2020 - Small but Good Ride

October 2020 - Ed Ford


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First, thank you all for the active interplay on last month’s image. I learned a lot and appreciate all that was suggested.
I chose to stay with the surfing concept again this month. I enjoyed the use of the D500 with my Tamron 150-600mm Gen 2 lens. This one I kept high key and deliberately lowered the contrast and definition of the water to give it a softer more blurred appearance while keeping the surfer clear and well defined. Processing was done in a combination of Lightroom Classic, Silver Efex Pro, and Photoshop. My intent was to give the viewer something about which to think, perhaps make up their own story. It was not a “big surf” day, but the waves were well formed and the people were enjoying themselves. I wanted to capture that mood and hope that I did.

All comments will be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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Jack Florence Jr   Jack Florence Jr
This turned out to be a classic surfing shot, Ed, and seeing the original, which wasn't quite there yet, I have to give you compliments on the post processing. We can see the surfer's face now, there's just a hint of ocean behind him, you've fixed the tilt, etc. What struck me about the scene was the steely smooth water in front of him.   Posted: 10/07/2020 09:55:57

Ed Ford   Ed Ford
Thanks Jack. It was a fun image with which to work. I liked how it came out, especially the fan of water behind him.
  Posted: 10/08/2020 17:45:14

Jen Carrick   Jen Carrick
This image, to me, is a very harmonious one. Your use of high key is very effective. The processing you did really brings out the surfer's expression. Thanks for a wonderful image, Ed.   Posted: 10/12/2020 16:06:55

Ed Ford   Ed Ford
Thank you Jen. I wanted a sense of peace and yet activity. Hence the lowered contrast. The post processing in Lightroom is becoming much more powerful and the new Dehaze feature has helped me a lot, in both directions, less, or in the case more which gave it a kind of hazy appearance, helping with the high key appearance I wanted.   Posted: 10/12/2020 16:25:48

John Erve   John Erve
Ed, Great composition with the surfer positioned slightly off center and with room for him to surf towards the lower left. I think the bright, white vignette works perfectly for this ocean view as it adds for me a feel of ocean mist. Good job bringing out the detail in the surfer's face as this adds additional interest to see his expression. Great job, thanks for sharing this surfing image.   Posted: 10/12/2020 16:38:15

Don Crow   Don Crow
I like this image Ed. I think the crop made the composition work by getting the surfer out of center. You were able to reveal detail in the image that is not seen in the original.
Very well done.   Posted: 10/18/2020 07:43:47

Adrian Binney   Adrian Binney
This is a cracking image Ed! Your surfer is now well positioned in the frame and your post processing sublime. He stands out despite still having grey tones. One can feel the movement and flow of water wonderfully.
Well done for thinking outside the box and presenting an unusual but successful treated image. Very artistic!   Posted: 10/18/2020 12:26:53


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