Jack Florence Jr  

One Legged Animal by Jack Florence Jr

January 2020 - One Legged Animal

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Seeing Don's image this month just gave me a sense of wanting to revisit older images until I have a chance to return to Death Valley. Images of all sand are hard to render in black and white, but I think maybe there's just enough here with the tracks and the shapes, etc. I guess whatever animal this is knows how to walk in a single line; wish I knew what it was!

You may find yourself wanting more detail in the sand, but I found this version allows one to enjoy it's simplicity more, and enjoy the shapes in the background without distraction, but I look forward to your impression.
f16 1/320 55mm prime

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Ed Ford   Ed Ford
I find this a very intriguing image. Normally I would not have liked it, but the foot prints make the image for me. The contrast and tonality are well done. To my eye from a technical standpoint the image is excellent, but without the footprints there is nothing else of particular interest. The great thing about the footprints, to my way of thinking, is that they allow the viewer to build a story around them - where do they go? If I follow them what will I find?

Great catch for the image - to my eye wonderful wall hanger.

Thank you for sharing it with us.   Posted: 01/02/2020 20:22:39

Don Crow   Don Crow
Jack, I like your image. While in Death Valley I was trying to avoid tracks but I think you have use them to advantage. To me it's a nice simple image with lots of small detail.
Great shot.   Posted: 01/10/2020 12:43:25

Jen Carrick   Jen Carrick
I really enjoy your image Jack. The curve of the foot prints is lovely. You have achieved a classic S curve. It stirs my imagination and I wonder what animal made them. A large hare perhaps? Thanks for a great image.   Posted: 01/11/2020 17:06:30

John Erve   John Erve
Jack, This is nice image with a good composition using the footprints to lead my eye to the prominent area of dark shadow. I like the mood that you were able to create, which for me, is exploring the unknown. I think this works very well as a monochrome and cannot really offer anything to improve how you presented it. Thanks for sharing this.
  Posted: 01/22/2020 21:04:39

Adrian Binney   Adrian Binney
I agree with what has been said here, your image asks questions. It is not 'over done' with high contrast. It's simplicity is the key and there is detail to enjoy everywhere. It's believable, with lack of understanding at the same time. A very cleaver image.   Posted: 01/26/2020 12:27:04