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I found the tonalities in the tiles of these roofs in Dubrovnik, Croatia to be of interest in black and white. I'm drawn to graphic images with lots of lines and shapes. Here, I'm afraid some would take issue with the hodgepodge of lines, some of which are not parallel to the edge like they should be perhaps. I look forward to your reaction.

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Adrian Binney   Adrian Binney
Jack - I thought I would start reviewing early and ahead of others and I am fearful in so doing! I feel I have a lot to learn as what makes a good B/W image.

I'm going to be saying the following a few times for this round - my eye likes to start reading an image from bottom left ideally - so I attach here a flipped version and I find the image is more logical, going up and around the square. I prefer this, but maybe alone. I like the differences in the tiles and this works well. I find I'm asking myself why there isn't more roof at the top as I feel there isn't quite enough to make the concept work well enough.
  Posted: 08/06/2019 11:25:48
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Jack Florence Jr   Jack Florence Jr
Thank you Adrian, love your enthusiasm!
I like the flip you did, very helpful.
I went with the close crop because I was trying to make more noticeable little details I liked such as the table with one chair pushed over, the open shutters on the dormer window, and the multiple rows of windows overall. Sometimes it's hard to bring it all together in one image, and this might be one of those. Thanks again for your comments and welcome to the group.   Posted: 08/06/2019 13:45:48

Albert Zabin   Albert Zabin
I agree with Adrian's flip. For my taste there is too much in the picture I would crop out the courtyard. It weakens the strong class of angles and lines in my opinion. The tonality is good but you might try increasing contrast a bit and see how that fits iwth your vision   Posted: 08/06/2019 14:52:39

Ed Ford   Ed Ford
Not having the original it is difficult for me to comment on the crop. Albert has a good point. Perhaps, if possible, a crop that would have made the longer courtyard at the tope more centered showing the roofs surrounding it might have worked a little better but …

I thought Adrian's flip did work as it is also how my eye follows into an image (the Golden Spiral if you will). All you included is of interest - but all together it makes for a somewhat confusing image - what am I supposed to be seeing. On the other hand, it also gives me pause to study the image for what I can find in it - so I confess to being somewhat ambivalent to how much should have been included.

To my eye, your processing of the image, aside for my question about the crop, was good. I like the contrast and the tonality. I also like the lighting.

Thank you for sharing it with us.   Posted: 08/06/2019 17:34:57

Jen Carrick   Jen Carrick
Jack, I really like the details of the courtyard and windows, so wondered if a crop of the roof at the bottom wound make this area bigger. You would still have an expanse of roof with all its warm detail. Croatia is definitely on my list!   Posted: 08/09/2019 20:14:34

Don Crow   Don Crow
I like the repeating patterns in the image. Flipping it as suggested would probably be an improvement but I think Albert's idea of cropping to below the courtyard would much better. The quality of the image is quite good.   Posted: 08/12/2019 14:44:16

John Erve   John Erve
Great perspective and good choice for a monochrome as there is a wide range of tones from white to black and I also like the graphic nature of the image. I found my eye drawn very quickly to the top edge for one or all of the reasons: (1) seems to me rather bright (2) thinnest section of roof showing shingles compared to the other edges (3) not straight. In my opinion, if the top edge had more to show it would be a more balance composition and the "hodgepodge" of lines not being parallel would not be as much an issue. You may be able to simply clone more on the top edge.
  Posted: 08/12/2019 16:13:03