Richard White  

Palouse Falls State Park, Wa by Richard White

January 2020 - Palouse Falls State Park, Wa

January 2020 - Richard White

Original 1

January 2020 - Richard White

Original 2

January 2020 - Richard White

Original 3

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Stephen Levitas   Stephen Levitas
(Group 32)
Nice shot. Please tell us your camera settings and post-processing, if any--and the story of getting the shot.   Posted: 01/14/2020 20:58:06
Richard White   Richard White
See response to Don on settings. I processed in Photmatix Pro.6, enhanced and then moved it to Photoshop to adjust the colors.   Posted: 01/27/2020 12:11:57

Paul Moertl   Paul Moertl
Nice shot, i agree. My only thought is that I see no detail in the waterfall itself.   Posted: 01/24/2020 21:45:39

Don Poulton   Don Poulton
Good shot Richard, but as Paul says, I see very little detail in the waterfall. The three originals appear to have very little difference from one to the next -- what exposure settings did you use?   Posted: 01/25/2020 10:30:53
Richard White   Richard White
Don, see response to Stephen regarding the post-processing and my response to Don on the camera settings.   Posted: 01/27/2020 12:13:30

Richard White   Richard White
The camera settings were F/16, 1/13, 1/50, 1/200 ISO was 400 Bracketed -2+2 and 0   Posted: 01/27/2020 12:10:14