Ron Clegg  

Redford Theater by Ron Clegg

August 2019 - Redford Theater

August 2019 - Ron Clegg

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August 2019 - Ron Clegg

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August 2019 - Ron Clegg

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The Redford Theater was shot in April on a club shoot. This old theater has a giant organ that’s on the left side of the stage. I usually shoot five to seven frame s HDR to even increase the tonal range of the image and makes the software more effective. The difficulty her was the mixed lighting, which was handled accurately in the processing software. Nikon D7100 ISO 400, 3sec @ f 5.6, 10.5 mm lens Processed in Aurora 2019 HDR, post processing in Affinty Photo .

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Richard White   Richard White
Ron, you did a great job of pulling all of the colors out. I really liked the stage curtain and the Christmas Tree on the right. Very Nice, A great 1928 theater and they keep it, and updated it. Wonderful!   Posted: 08/26/2019 15:03:12

Don Poulton   Don Poulton
Good colors, great detail. I cannot suggest anything you might do to improve this image. It looks like this theater has been well preserved, unlike those in many cities that have gone to decay. May I ask, in what city is it located?   Posted: 08/26/2019 15:51:19
Ron Clegg   Ron Clegg
Its in Redford Michigan. A tiny community just north of Detroit.   Posted: 08/28/2019 08:55:05
Don Poulton   Don Poulton
Thanks, Ron. Certainly much better kept than many in Detroit.   Posted: 08/28/2019 13:39:17