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Infrared Image by Ray Henrikson

April 2021 - Infrared Image

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This is an example of the infrared technique. A filter was placed in front of the lens that blocks virtually all the light we see but allows light in the infrared range to pass and interact with the sensor of the camera. The image was made using a Nikon D7100 on a tripod, f8, 1 sec, ISO 400. The IR filter was hand-held in front of the lens. The scene is from the top of Buck Maintain in the southern Adirondacks, near Lake George.

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David Terao   David Terao
A very interesting B&W infra-red image. The clouds are amazing, and I like how the trees look like they're covered in snow. I only wish the background grasses (?) were darker so as not to blend in with trees.   Posted: 04/01/2021 07:10:09

Don MacKenzie   Don MacKenzie
I am having difficulty interpreting the picture since I think the foreground is composed of various vegetation which, if in color, would be easily determined. And the dark areas are grass or are they forested areas a good distance away? David saw the white as maybe snow and I was wondering if the white was simply the result of using the infrared lens. With so much white, I am having trouble interpreting the image.   Posted: 04/01/2021 10:22:34
Ray Henrikson   Ray Henrikson
With this technique. leaves photograph white, as does vegetation in general. The very close foreground, at the bottom of the image, is rock. The irregular dark areas are lakes.   Posted: 04/02/2021 20:56:04

Cindy Lynch   Cindy Lynch
I've never tried infrared photography but find it very interesting. The sky looks great with this treatment, however, it is a little noisy on my monitor. I'm sure you can fix that easily with noise reduction in Camera Raw. Like the others, I wish there was a little more separation between the trees and the other vegetation. The rocks and trees have good separation.   Posted: 04/03/2021 16:30:12

Phyllis Peterson   Phyllis Peterson
I am so impressed with this image and that you used the infrared technique. I have not tried infrared photography so I am not sure how to critique what I am seeing. The sky and the dark areas that are the lakes are excellent. The trees might have a little too much pure white in spots-almost looks blown out. But that might very well be the way it should be. Good job with Infrared.   Posted: 04/18/2021 23:17:29
Ray Henrikson   Ray Henrikson
Glass infrared filters are very pricey but the plastic equivalents, which I used for this image, are far less expensive.   Posted: 04/19/2021 09:48:07


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