Charlie Yang  

Spring Beauty by Charlie Yang

May 2020 - Spring Beauty

May 2020 - Charlie Yang


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Spring, one of my favorite time, and this is one of my favorite flower, Spring Beauty. Hope it will bring some smile to your 'stay at home' days.

Nikon D5300, 10-20mm lens, @20mm, F/14, 1/320S, ISO800, Handheld. in windy Chicago weather.

LR Crop and adjust Shadow, texture, Clarity, W/B, and PS crop out a few annoying extras.

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David Terao   David Terao
A nice, springtime image with early, springtime colors - bright greens, magenta/yellow flowers and blue sky. I like the bug in the foreground, too.   Posted: 05/01/2020 16:34:31

Don MacKenzie   Don MacKenzie
It did make me smile! Nice that it is so sharp and the depth of field includes all the blossoms. But I would like to see some cropping at the top and bottom. I want those flowers to really stand out. Might use a little more contrast. Well done Charlie.   Posted: 05/01/2020 18:16:07

Cindy Lynch   Cindy Lynch
This image sets such a happy mood. You have nice details on the flowers and I love the bug on the leaf. I would suggest cropping out the sky at the top. It's brightness pulls my eye up and out of the frame. I think that would keep the focus right on the flowers.   Posted: 05/02/2020 15:17:02

Ray Henrikson   Ray Henrikson
Can't go wrong with spring flowers, especially an example as well photographed as seen here. I would have cropped a bit tighter at the top. You have good bokeh in the image but you might do with a bit less area. I like the insect that is also admiring the flowers.   Posted: 05/10/2020 10:07:54

Phyllis Peterson   Phyllis Peterson
Spring Beauty is one of my favorite spring wildflowers and you caught an exceptionally gorgeous plant in sharp focus and at its peak beauty! I also love the black bug on the leaf in the lower part of the frame. I wish the trees in the upper part of the image could be cropped, minimized or blurred out.   Posted: 05/11/2020 16:51:33
Charlie Yang   Charlie Yang
thanks!   Posted: 05/22/2020 20:38:57

Bai Chuang Shyu   Bai Chuang Shyu
A lovely image provides a lively spring atmosphere. I also agree that the top part may be cropped out a bit. And contrast in the flower could be enhanced a little bit.   Posted: 05/26/2020 07:46:41


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