Bob Patrick  

Wheel Barrow and Porch by Bob Patrick

April 2021 - Wheel Barrow and Porch

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This one is made close to home at the old Grange and School property near the Plat. Sidelight from right, F11, -2, 0, +2 EV. D800E and Sigma 24-85.
Aurora 18 using Warm Sunset Preset. Finished up the image in PS 2021 cropping to vertical and tweaking the reds, then burning in some highlights.

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Rick Cloran   Rick Cloran
Very clean on the tones and blend. I like the way you have composed around the wheelbarrow. Maybe a bit more midtone contrast but still quite a nice feel to it.   Posted: 04/12/2021 17:38:09

Max Burke   Max Burke
This may have been a wonderful home for a family many years ago. The image has been processed nicely but may need more contrast to bring the colors you selected out some. There are likely other images at this location. I am sure you took numerous pictures to share with others, including this group.   Posted: 04/19/2021 23:14:27


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