Bob Patrick  

Peoh Tractor and House by Bob Patrick

January 2021 - Peoh Tractor and House

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This was shot Dec. 2019. A short walk from my home is a place owned by an "artist", who sculpts in old metal that he gets donated and brings here. Lately, the guy is just planting old machinery and misc. objects rather than create abstracts from the items. This is a 6 acre piece with room for lots more stuff.
This shot was made at F-11 and the EV's were -1.6 00 and +1.7. The blend was needed to obtain detail in the sky. Processed in Aurora 2018.

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Rick Cloran   Rick Cloran
It holds together well. Maybe a little more contrast, at least in the sky area. I find myself wanting to move to the left a bit to get more separation between the tractor and the house, but I can see that just brings other things into play. Any chance of getting in closer to the front of the tractor with a super wide angle lens? I'm also fascinated with the house and porch. The older wood, hanging laundry and red bike on the porch seem to call for a shot of their own. Definitely looks worth revisiting given that it is nearby.   Posted: 01/16/2021 10:47:34


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