Max Burke, APSA  

Spruce Goose by Max Burke, APSA

March 2020 - Spruce Goose

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Interior Image of Howard Hughe's "Spruce goose", taken at McMinville, Oregon on July 15, 2017. The length of this interior actual goes from front to back, I think, 800 feet. This shows the view from behind the pilots seat. I took a three-shot HDR, at .25 section, .50 seconds and 1 second at f11 , ISo 800 and focal length of 24mm with the 24-120 f4 Nikon lens. Using the lighter of the three images provided a problem of too many bright areas in the background. Thus I used Photomatix Pro 6 on the two darker images, and it worked. I did some color adjustments of removing blue light from the door opening. Also had many adjustments and some straightening to get it ready.

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Rick Cloran   Rick Cloran
Overall a good blend and a very interesting subject. The reds are a little intense for me and the highlights in places seem to have gone gray. I'm not all that surprised given that you were trying to build it from the two darker exposures. If I'm reading that sign correctly it is saying they had CO1 (carbon monoxide) for fire suppression, which is a bit of a mind twist.   Posted: 03/14/2020 18:45:35

Bob Patrick   Bob Patrick
Always wondered about this airplane. Nice. Thanks for posting it.

During the time period many fire extinguishers used toxic substances. Once, as a kid, we still had Carbon Tetrachloride devices around one of my Dad's workplaces. (In high school Biology, I used Carbon Tet. to kill insects for a bug board assignment. Had to sign for it at a pharmacy, just to buy it.)   Posted: 03/14/2020 19:14:27

Lisa Cuchara   Lisa Cuchara
interesting subject!
slows shutter speeds, so they let you use a tripod, wow.

The subject is interesting, the red dominates and then the yellow leads you through the back. I like all of the shapes and lines.

The whites in some areas (sign, front most beach ball, have gone gray...
and it looks like the roof is slightly caving, could transform it.
  Posted: 03/15/2020 14:12:16

Brad Ashbrook   Brad Ashbrook
Pretty cool image showing some interesting history. I agree with the reds, a bit intense.   Posted: 03/19/2020 13:26:13

Max Burke   Max Burke
To answer a question regarding tripod on the plane. I had one with me but due to others around I found a place to lean on to stabilize the camera on this images. As regards the grey tones I did over do that. The top had a larger off set bend in it in which I attempted to spend time minimizing as it did look unusual. Anyway, that's how I recall it.
  Posted: 03/22/2020 15:24:50

Bill Buchanan   Bill Buchanan
A great shot of the interior of this historic aircraft. I agree with Rick about the reds. That's an easy fix. Excellent color and sharpness.   Posted: 03/23/2020 15:28:07


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