Rick Cloran, HonPSA, MPSA  

Tree Revisit by Rick Cloran, HonPSA, MPSA

January 2020 - Tree Revisit

January 2020 - Rick Cloran, HonPSA, MPSA


About the Image(s)

This was done using a Canon 1D MK IV, 24-105 L lens at 60mm set for F16 and 1/30th sec at iso 200 for the base exposure. The bracket shots were in 1 stop intervals and covered +/- 2 stops off the base exposure. The first time I processed this I used Photomatix. This time I’m trying Aurora 2019. In addition, my first time around what I learned was that even though the far hills seemed very distant, the tree never truly separated from that background. The blend in Aurora 2019 was indeed smoother and more pleasing as we might expect with the newer algorithms. This time in Photoshop CC, I made a fairly restrictive mask of the tree and near hillside, inverted that selection and created a mask that blocked those areas out on a new composite layer. On that composite layer I ran a lens blur with the intent of rationalizing the background into something I might have gotten if I had shot the original at F4. While not perfect, I think the results from this time around do beat the first pass.

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Brad Ashbrook   Brad Ashbrook
You have certainly changed the depth of field with processing and made the tree stand out.. well done. The colors look natural and the composition is excellent.   Posted: 01/21/2020 10:58:22

Max Burke   Max Burke
Very nice composition and the process sounds interesting. I make the mistake of masking on the same layer which often cause other problems. Your intent is to make the tree the true main subject of the image with the soft background placing its location as the lead-in that holds the attention more. This location looks like many we have in the mountains of central Idaho. Of course many others in the west have similar scenes.   Posted: 01/22/2020 13:54:08

Mahmoud Raslan   Mahmoud Raslan
Good job done for a beautiful landscape. Good blending and the color tones look natural. I like your depth of field that accentuated the beautifully located tree.   Posted: 01/31/2020 09:30:22