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Cardinal in Snow by Bruce Michelotti

April 2021 - Cardinal in Snow

April 2021 - Bruce Michelotti


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Taken a few months ago out my window. Used a tripod and settings of 1/125 sec. at f/5.6 with ISO of 320.
I used a slower shutter speed for this image so I could capture the snow as streaks implying wind driven movement and harsh conditions. The other image of the Cardinal is at a shutter speed of 1/500 sec. As you can see the snow looks quite different. Which one do you like better?

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Linda M Medine   Linda M Medine
I like the one you are showing. Looks like he is holding on for dear life. Really like the movement. The only thing I would change is to flip the image and lighten around the birds eye a little.   Posted: 04/09/2021 08:01:40
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Bruce Michelotti   Bruce Michelotti
Thanks Linda. Agree about the eye, not sure about the flip. I think they look OK either way, can you tell me why you suggested that?   Posted: 04/10/2021 09:40:23

Linda M Medine   Linda M Medine
I feel like the stick is a leading line to the bird and it is giving the bird more room. When you read left to right the bird is in your way the bird is blocking yourview. It is like you stop right there. With the bird to the right you have room in front of the bird. That is just my thinking.   Posted: 04/11/2021 16:01:16

Bruce Michelotti   Bruce Michelotti
Thanks for your response Linda. I do understand what you are saying and see your point completely, but I also think that in the original the snow is moving from left to right and the space on the right of the bird is giving it some space to move into. To be honest with you I am not sure if I like one better than the other.   Posted: 04/12/2021 16:12:58

Linda M Medine   Linda M Medine
It is a great image. I like the original one too.   Posted: 04/12/2021 17:26:09

Mark McKinney   Mark McKinney
I like the streaking snow. It adds so much to the image! I keep thinking "baby it's cold outside" when I look at this. I also see the strength of this cardinal. The depth of field is great and the focus on the bird outstanding. A great branch too! Would not change a thing.   Posted: 04/15/2021 17:07:55
Bruce Michelotti   Bruce Michelotti
Thanks for your comments Mark.   Posted: 04/16/2021 09:15:38

Alex Cohen   Alex Cohen
It's really hard for me to pick one or the other. They are both great! I love shots of cardinals, they're such amazing birds. I really love the detail on them that you captured so well!   Posted: 04/19/2021 20:38:42
Bruce Michelotti   Bruce Michelotti
Thanks for your comment Alex. Cardinals are my favorite too, they bring lots of color to the backyard.   Posted: 04/22/2021 09:09:45

Lane B Lewis   Lane B Lewis
I love snow images and I love the original. It looks real and the cardinal hanging in there. Good image. Really tells a story. Nice job.   Posted: 04/19/2021 23:12:26
Bruce Michelotti   Bruce Michelotti
Thanks Lane.   Posted: 04/22/2021 09:10:13


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