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January 2020 - Untitled

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This was made the other night as I was out practicing with my new camera. Nothing was catching my eye, and all of a sudden the sky started to have all these wonderful clouds and colors. Processed in Lightroom and topaz 2 with textures. Iso 800, 8mm, 7.1 1/60 sec.

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Mark McKinney   Mark McKinney
The sky is your subject and a good one! Good composition. To my eye I think the image needs straightened. I would try to bring out the reflections in the water. The left is a little overexposed and my eye is drawn to that.   Posted: 01/19/2020 08:36:44
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Mike Walker   Mike Walker
I love clouds! These are really good because of the subtle colours reflecting through the middle. I was going to suggest bringing up the shadows on the tree line and, now, I like Mark's adjustment much better.   Posted: 01/28/2020 15:17:16

Linda M Medine   Linda M Medine
I agree with Mark and Mike. I straightened the image and use a paintbrush to add a little yellow to the water for reflections. I also used level adjustments to get more drama in the sky. I love active skies you can do so much with them. I pulled the shadow out of the woods a little too. Beautiful image.   Posted: 01/28/2020 16:10:25
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Harley Rubens   Harley Rubens
Ditto. The clouds do seem to point to the trees and ground but are the important part of the story. Looks like clouds are impinging or overwhelming the land.   Posted: 01/28/2020 16:39:22

Lane B Lewis   Lane B Lewis
Thanks everyone. I fiddled with the level and at first I thought it was straight and every time I looked it was off. My husband has been sick and I hadn't had a chance to take my camera for walk. The sun was setting and I was desperate to make an image with the wonderful clouds. I had no foreground, so I was hoping I could get a good reflection. ( Too dark) I like your suggestions. Do you thinks it works, lacking a foreground element to anchor it?   Posted: 01/28/2020 21:05:17
Mike Walker   Mike Walker
Simply answer, Yes, it works very well as it is.   Posted: 01/31/2020 15:37:56