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October 2019 - Untitled

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ISO 2500, 100mm, f / 9 ,1/200 With Olympus OMD e-1 MK II Hand held {Hand Held.!!! } In my back yard testing new camera. Processed in LR Shot in Raw) and blurred background in PS.

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Linda M Medine   Linda M Medine
I love this image. Good impact. Beautiful colors. Storytelling. Love the painterly looking background. I would not change too much. I just have a few ideas, put a catch light in the eye, where the wing is together with the flower, separate that. One more thing, I just tried flipping the image. Very nice image.   Posted: 10/07/2019 15:55:36
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Mark McKinney   Mark McKinney
A great crop and so colorful! Reverse was good. So sharp. Looks like you stacked multiple images! Anything over 1/60 th second hand held is usually all right.   Posted: 10/20/2019 11:34:25

Harley Rubens   Harley Rubens
Beautiful, sharp, and nice mix in background ,All of it pops and is pleasing. Flipping the photo does feel better to me, since I read left to right and it seems to lead me into the photo where I see the insect first then where it is focusing. Remarkable detail. You handle that mirrorless just great. I hear they are hard to learn at first.
  Posted: 10/22/2019 11:00:30
Mike Walker   Mike Walker
Most comments on the Olympus seem to point to the menu system not being that easy. Aside from buttons being in different places I love my little EOS M3 and wouldn't want to go back to the 5D, except to portrait images that is.
  Posted: 10/28/2019 18:10:58

Mike Walker   Mike Walker
The beauty of using mirrorless for this type of image is there are less moving parts and the camera is a lot lighter. For me, the original is more pleasing, though I'm not sure why!   Posted: 10/28/2019 18:08:54