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African Violet by Mike Walker

October 2019 - African Violet

October 2019 - Mike Walker


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Our orchids are coming back into flower and at the end of the photo session I wanted to see how close I could focus using the bigger extension tube. The leaf of the african violet seemed like a good challenge! During processing I saw the head shape, so added the eye using the radial filter with texture, clarity and dehaze.

Eos M3, EF50 1.8 with EF25 extension tube, ISO100, 3.2 seconds, f11 and it's on a tripod. I use the camera's wifi to connect to an iPad and only touch the camera to focus. The iPad becomes the screen and controls for the camera, including the shutter release. This also means I can walk around the subject and hold a reflector or diffuser where I want it and still have control of the camera.

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Linda M Medine   Linda M Medine
This image has so many beautiful tones. There so much texture too. It almost looks abstract. Like the detail at the top part of the flower. It looks like a fire and dead trees.   Posted: 10/10/2019 14:38:31
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