Jan Lightfoot  

The Butterfly Ship by Jan Lightfoot

October 2020 - The Butterfly Ship

October 2020 - Jan Lightfoot

Original 1

October 2020 - Jan Lightfoot

Original 2

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I had downloaded Flood 2 last year and I guess I wasn't terribly impressed with it, because I totally forgot about it. But recently I saw a post about it so I decided to try it again, and this time I think I was a little more impressed. I used a sunset background for the ship, masked out most of the people and then brought in three butterfly images, cut out the wings and placed them on the ship. I merged the layers and then extended the canvas down about 30% so I had the room to add the reflections. I decided on a look with Flood 2, brought it into the image and then blended the horizon in by cloning.

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Brad Becker   Brad Becker
Jan, This is a beautifully successful image on many levels. The surrealistic handling of the ship with the butterfly wings is a clever and effective idea and the colors and reflections are deeply soothing. Well done.   Posted: 10/10/2020 13:08:16

Henry Roberts   Henry Roberts
The Butterfly Ship is sailing past with those colorful monarch butterfly wings being a jib. The yellows, the pinks, the rose colors are really eye catching. The extended foreground with reflections adds interest.

Suggestions? Well, to nitpick there could be a little detail in the hull but that is really a minor point. This is an award winning image as it is!   Posted: 10/12/2020 10:02:51

Kathy Triolo   Kathy Triolo
Jan, How cool is this??? Someone is going to want to buy it!
So creative and clever! I have Flood also and there are all kinds of fun ways to play with it. I LOVE what you did here.   Posted: 10/14/2020 22:18:14


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