Kathy Triolo  

Playing for the Heavens by Kathy Triolo

August 2020 - Playing for the Heavens

August 2020 - Kathy Triolo

Original 1

August 2020 - Kathy Triolo

Original 2

About the Image(s)

The original photo was taken earlier this week of Comet Neowise with the ISS streaking by at the same time.
I thought it would be cool to include a photo of my friend, Dave, who plays in a band locally.
All compositing and finishing done in Photoshop.

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Brad Becker   Brad Becker
Kathy, This is an outstanding photo on many levels. I am disappointed I didn't get out soon enough to take a photo of the comet. Dave adds a nice touch to this image. I love the purple hues. My only suggestion(based purely on personal preference, so take it or leave it) might be to clone out the ISS streak as I find it distracting on an esthetic level (although it is cool on another level)   Posted: 08/05/2020 20:22:19

Henry Roberts   Henry Roberts
Kathy, great concept and great composting! Wonderful night sky with the Comet Neowise reflected in the still pond water. You had to do some careful timing to get all that to work. Dave playing is the icing on the cake!

When I first looked at this I thought it should be brightened up but no, that would lose the feeling of deep night.   Posted: 08/08/2020 13:20:21

Maryellen Bauer   Maryellen Bauer
Wow! This is just wonderful. I love the purple. The composition is just great.
  Posted: 08/10/2020 12:29:46


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