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The Pumpkin Patch by Maryellen Bauer

October 2019 - The Pumpkin Patch

October 2019 - Maryellen Bauer

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October 2019 - Maryellen Bauer

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I've been wanting to be able to put a face into a piece of fruit or something so I decided to try with a pumpkin. I searched online and watched some videos. My first effort actually creeped me out. Fortunately I found some time this morning to play with it some more. I'm not really excited about this, but I'm out of time. If any of you could point me to some tutorials you have used and liked, I'd really appreciate it. I'm so happy to be in this group because it nudges me to try to learn new things.

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Brad Becker   Brad Becker
Maryellen, This is a very nice first attempt. I don't know of any specific tutorials. I do recall photoshop having an option with its 3D program that allows for putting faces on spheres. Your image is nicely composed. The face on the pumpkin appears very flat. I would start with increasing the contrast. You might also consider a photo from a different angle. I've attached an image I had done years ago of a pumpkin face. The nose being at an angle helped to create a more 3D effect. Unfortunately I did it about 10 years ago so I don't remember how I did it but hopefully it will give you some idea of how contrast and a different angle may help.   Posted: 10/09/2019 19:33:52
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Henry Roberts   Henry Roberts
Maryellen,nice job of putting the face on the pumpkin. It looks as though you had a willing model. You did a masterful job of blending the face into the pumpkin.

I'm looking forward to more of your composting.

Brad has some interesting suggestions.   Posted: 10/13/2019 09:22:13

Kathy Triolo   Kathy Triolo
Maryellen, Welcome!

I love your concept and think you should persevere!
I really like Brads example and if you find your instructions, I'd love to seem them.   Posted: 10/16/2019 13:37:37


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