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Sparrow by Anne Nettles

April 2021 - Sparrow

April 2021 - Anne Nettles


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This image was taken a few years ago in Massachusetts. Ironically, I took this Chipping Sparrow from inside my Mother's dining room while shooting through glass. The settings ISO 2000, @400mm, f 6.3, 1/3200 sec. Because the background was very distracting, I darkened the exposure, sharpened the image, lowered the highlights and shadows, and added a bit of vibrance.

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Jamie Carrier   Jamie Carrier
I love the processing you did. This image reminds me of Joel Santori's work with the endangered species. I hope I spelled his name correctly.   Posted: 04/14/2021 12:20:25
Anne Nettles   Anne Nettles
Thank you Jamie   Posted: 04/15/2021 16:10:12

Mike Cohen   Mike Cohen
(Group 52)
Hi Anne. Great work on the post for this lovely little fella. I noticed that you missed a tiny bit along the right side. I might suggest also slightly lightening the shadow on the side of the subject toward the head, just slightly. Nice work!   Posted: 04/15/2021 14:50:24

Pamela Hoaglund   Pamela Hoaglund
(Groups 51 & 52)
Hi Anne, you did a great job capturing this little fella especially shooting through a window which in it's self can be a challenge. Very sharp and nice catch light in the eye. Busy/distracting backgrounds can be a challenge. In some ways I would like to see some out of focus or soft background. It would be nice to have him looking into the frame instead of out of the frame but sometimes you are limited in the composition. Nicely done.   Posted: 04/16/2021 10:26:10


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