Catherine Honigsberg  

Iris by Catherine Honigsberg

June 2020 - Iris

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This was taken in my back yard with my telephoto lens

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Alison McMahan   Alison McMahan
Wow, Catherine, how did you get the pink bokeh background?   Posted: 06/09/2020 11:48:42
Catherine Honigsberg   Catherine Honigsberg
Hi Alison, My Irises back up to an brown fence. I use different things to hide my backgrounds. Sometimes cloth, especially black. For this one I painted a background color to complement this color of Iris.   Posted: 06/11/2020 14:53:19
Alison McMahan   Alison McMahan
It's a really lovely picture with a great combination of complementary colors in the flower and the background. The selective focus works for me as it gives the flower a distinct personality. It's beautiful but I also get a sense of horror or dread from it, as if this flower was in the star lineup for that play "The Little Shop of HOrrors" or that it had walked out of a Georgia O'Keefe painting. Great work!   Posted: 06/13/2020 08:47:15

Julie Deer   Julie Deer
Hi Catherine, Photography is a bit hard in this social distancing era, so I'm glad that you have some beautiful flowers in your garden to play with. (In Australia we are in the grips of winter and there aren't many flowers around in my garden at the moment. Even though it is cold, we don't get snow here in Adelaide either.) Have you thought about focus stacking an image like this? You may be able to get a much sharper image using that method. It is a beautiful flower and you should be proud of it!   Posted: 06/11/2020 03:22:09
Catherine Honigsberg   Catherine Honigsberg
Hi Julie, I have tried focus stacking and now everyone does it, I am back to selective focus and painterly effects.   Posted: 06/11/2020 14:51:22

Henry Roberts   Henry Roberts
Catherine, great flower image! I like the shallow depth of field that your telephoto lens produces. The closeness of the flower verges on the abstract which is a fun way of looking at flowers.

Nice work and keep experimenting!   Posted: 06/15/2020 11:36:03

Andrew Hersom   Andrew Hersom
Nice picture. Bits of this are a bit soft for my taste but if that's what you want to achieve that's fine! Maybe a couple of black spots on the petals which would be better cloned out, that's all.   Posted: 06/25/2020 09:36:47