Andrew Hersom, PPSA  

A Word in Your Ear by Andrew Hersom, PPSA

March 2020 - A Word in Your Ear

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Another shot from Apenheul Primate Park in the Netherlands of two primates interacting. It's virtually unchanged apart from a slight crop and removal of a couple of spots on the fur and the trees. Overcast day so 1/500th at f8 ISO 1600, 300mm (FFE).

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Alison McMahan   Alison McMahan
I feel like this month everyone is at the top of their talent! This picture stands out to me because of the textural detail, the triangular composition, and most of all, the vivid moment captured. Amazing!
You could try isolating the trees in the background and see if you can add bokeh to them in Photoshop. There is already a bit of bokeh effect but you could see if enhancing it adds anything.   Posted: 03/08/2020 14:36:21

Henry Roberts   Henry Roberts
Great shot Andrew! I like the ambiguity of the primates. Is one talking to the other, or is this a couple nuzzling or are two males in a pushing match? I like that the 300 mm lens at f8 mutes the sharpness of the background slightly.

With primates in dark fur and eyes, there is often a problem with seeing the eyes. in post processing, would lightening the eyes slightly improve the image?

Alison has some interesting thoughts.   Posted: 03/15/2020 15:20:16

Andrew Hersom   Andrew Hersom
It is difficult with eyes, as you mention, as the brows cause such dark shadows.   Posted: 03/15/2020 15:31:01

Jamie Carrier   Jamie Carrier
Lots of emotion between the two primates. I've gone back and forth between them fighting, grooming, talking???? Each time I have a different feeling which brings me back. I guess that's the sign of a good photograph!   Posted: 03/16/2020 11:57:59

Julie Deer   Julie Deer
I love this photo and the cheeky primates. It reminds me of a television show (for kids) which is set in a zoo. The animals plot and plan with each other with human voices. It is a pity that we can't see both sets of eyes, but I think the expression on their faces makes up for this.   Posted: 03/18/2020 00:23:05

Catherine Honigsberg   Catherine Honigsberg
Just wow on all the detail from the fur, to the dead log, the eyes. Really nice tension!   Posted: 03/18/2020 14:08:48


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