Catherine Honigsberg  

Reflection by Catherine Honigsberg

December 2019 - Reflection

About the Image(s)

Took this image as just what was reflected in the water as a an abstract.

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Alison McMahan   Alison McMahan
I really like this. You really have an eye. I have no suggestions, just, I like it and could stare it for a long time.   Posted: 12/08/2019 18:55:36

Henry Roberts   Henry Roberts
Catherine, this is a great concept and a great implimentation of it. I can picture myself beside a still pool of water lost in my own thoughts or observing the natural word unfolding about me, a moment in time.

Ok, now how would I change it. To me the sheet of water in the upper left corner is mildly distracting. It would be difficult to clone out. How about cropping in on the left side and cropping down from the top? Would it still retain your original vision? Your call   Posted: 12/12/2019 18:46:57

Julie Deer   Julie Deer
Hi Catherine, This is a lovely image and makes me feel relaxed and peaceful. It is one of those images that can let the mind wander to another place. Great shot.   Posted: 12/13/2019 04:29:16

Hi Catherine
I like the monochromatic tones of this image and use of diagonal lines in your composition. I think that the brown line being centred, grounds the image & creates a point of interest where it meets the white section

I wonder if this would look better turning the image upside down so the smooth grey area was on the bottom?

For me, some of the grass at the edge of the frame is distracting and perhaps the image would be improved by removing this in post.   Posted: 12/14/2019 03:44:17

Andrew Hersom   Andrew Hersom
Overall it looks a bit too dark to me, I wonder if it would be better somewhat lightened. I think most people have tried this sort of picture - the suggestion to turning it upside down is a good one. I think it would have been better next time to include some reflections of brighter coloured objects perhaps something red. Just a thought.   Posted: 12/22/2019 12:58:57