Jerry Hug, APSA  

A Dryed up Leaf by Jerry Hug, APSA

April 2021 - A Dryed up Leaf

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I found the leaf that had survived the Winter Snow and freezing and was still in one piece.Shot the leaf in ProRAW on the iPhone 12 Pro Max using the built in HDR. On the iPad Pro 12.5 in used various applications to balance the lighting and shadows. I moved the image into Adobe Camera RAW where I converted into B/W and then into Photoshop where I added the white border and sized the image.

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David Halgrimson   David Halgrimson
Interesting with some great shadows. Very shallow DOF, not sure if you have any control over that on the phone. The vignette works to highlight the leaf well.

I read an article in Outdoor Photographer on the iPhone 12 Pro MAX using ProRAW. Getting very advanced on the phones but still very limited.   Posted: 04/02/2021 15:28:32
Jerry Hug   Jerry Hug
Depth of Field is limited by how close I was to the leaf. There is a fixed f stop for each lens but I do have some control but limited because I did not use my normal lens. I used a add on tele.

Re the April 2021 article in Out door Photographer. I got a totally different read on the Jason Bradley's report. The 12 Pro Max is probably the best cellphone for photographers by far. I am truly just learning a few of the wonders. Limited. Sure compared to DSLRs and Micro 4/3 cameras with inter changeable lens systems. The 12 Pro Max has totally changed what Adobe is doing with PS and adding some of the editing features of the cellphone. Opening quote: "the latest iPhone is a step into the future of photography."   Posted: 04/02/2021 16:20:27
David Halgrimson   David Halgrimson
I completely agree, the 12 Pro Max is all about photographers and Adobe is joining in, and it is probably the future. My limited comment was only as it applies to DSLRs and Micro 4/3 cameras. I do a lot of wildlife, I don't think a phone would do the job, not yet anyway. But, all things change.   Posted: 04/02/2021 16:32:15
Jerry Hug   Jerry Hug
Thanks Dave.

Things do change just like the Micro 4/3 cameras have pushed the Big Boy makers to add what Olympus has been doing for some time.   Posted: 04/14/2021 09:08:23

M. Arfan Asif   M. Arfan Asif
Very good one Jerry. The vignetting is a good idea. But I see some tonal bands on the top two vertices created due to this. Still very simple and evocative image. I also missed your presentation in YPS last week. I was the Secretary of the society in the early 90s. The members there have given great feedback. Wishing you 'Good Light.   Posted: 04/03/2021 11:06:17
Jerry Hug   Jerry Hug
  Posted: 04/14/2021 09:04:01

Steve Knight   Steve Knight
Terrific image. Makes me want to trade my X in for a 12.   Posted: 04/04/2021 23:10:07
Vincent Cochain   Vincent Cochain
This is the objective of Apple....   Posted: 04/08/2021 08:37:26
Jerry Hug   Jerry Hug
Steve I had the X and the 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max are both incredible. The night mode is to die for.

Do look at the Scott Kelby book iPhone Photography. It is too $$ but worth the $17.

Jerry   Posted: 04/14/2021 09:01:42
Jerry Hug   Jerry Hug
Thanks Steve   Posted: 04/14/2021 09:04:38

Vincent Cochain   Vincent Cochain
I like it Jerry. Shadow, light and vignetting.
To better see the shadow I would have put the leaf a little bit upper.
Incredible all the possibilities of a cellular...   Posted: 04/08/2021 08:42:36
Jerry Hug   Jerry Hug
Thanks Vince
  Posted: 04/14/2021 09:05:19

Larry Crook   Larry Crook
A great image. The light seems especially good, as is the shadow. I enjoy seeing what you can do with a phone (other than talk.)   Posted: 04/10/2021 11:53:19
Jerry Hug   Jerry Hug
Thanks Larry   Posted: 04/14/2021 09:03:03

Paul Hoffman   Paul Hoffman
With the landscape in Group 33 and this image here I do wonder why we all walk around with these expensive and heavy pieces of equipment. I have just bought myself a new up-to-date phone and when the government allows us out again I will try it out.
The tones and texture are spot on and I love the shadow work, the vignetting does work well but for my taste I would like the leaf a touch higher in the image. Cracking image.   Posted: 04/13/2021 08:58:17
Jerry Hug   Jerry Hug
Thanks Paul   Posted: 04/14/2021 09:02:45


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