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First Gate – Stairway to Heaven by Paul Hoffman

February 2021 - First Gate – Stairway to Heaven

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This is the first gate to the famous Hatton’s famous flight of 21 locks on the Grand Union Canal in Warwickshire, built in the 1930’s by a 1000 men and opened by HRH Duke of Kent it is now a tourist attraction that is worth a visit.

The flight is 2 miles (3.2km) in length and rises 148 feet (45metres) and can take up to 4 hours to travel through them dependent on how busy they are.

Turn monochrome in Lightroom and then to PS with luminosity mask for tonality. I have cheated hear and have relaced the boring grey English sky with one I shot in my back bedroom and the PS tool.

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David Halgrimson   David Halgrimson
The addition of the clouds works well and the reflections in the water are very strong. Overall, I have trouble knowing what to look at, I see the water, the sky, the trees which look a bit soft, and the gate which is very busy and the center so dark the details are gone and then back around again. Just my eye and not sure what I would do different but an interesting story.   Posted: 02/01/2021 09:59:37

Steve Knight   Steve Knight
Great tonal range but I have to agree with David. Too busy in the middle for me to focus on any particular area.   Posted: 02/04/2021 20:01:28

Jerry Hug   Jerry Hug
Again, wonderful tonality Paul and the sky works for me. The gates and apparatus around the opening is kind of confusing but with the unit being built in the 1930s and still being used, I understand. KI keep wondering how you got in position to shoot straight on to get this shot? Nice image. Jerry   Posted: 02/12/2021 09:30:47
Paul Hoffman   Paul Hoffman
A small foot bridge that crosses the canal further down from the gate.   Posted: 02/12/2021 13:08:03

Vincent Cochain   Vincent Cochain
I had not easy to see and to "understand" the center of the picture. I thought it was my computer, but it is quite dark.
It is a good idea (and well done) to change the sky with this beautiful structure.
I really like the composition and the angle of view.   Posted: 02/16/2021 05:41:57