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May 2020 - M. Arfan Asif, APSA, MPSA


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This image was taken while traveling to a touristic destination in Northern Karnataka. This place has some historical and interesting architecture. I happened to notice these people gathered at the ticket box. I spontaneously took a picture as I was attracted to their characteristic dress which not many in the city wear. The manual exposure mode was used with F2.8 at 1/1250 sec handheld with 70-200 at 115mm focal on Canon 5DMk2. The image was processed in PS6 and converted to mono. I used the levels to ensure adequate contrast for the image and details in blacks and whites. There was a concern their white dress would lose the details. A pixel stroke was added. The reference original shot is attached. Your comments.

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David Halgrimson   David Halgrimson
An interesting tension added by cropping the people above, there is great balance by the two men on the sides. Great detail in all that white. I also like how the one man is looking at you and the other is looking away, it adds quite a different feel to the image. Well done.   Posted: 05/02/2020 15:58:08
M. Arfan Asif   M. Arfan Asif
Thank you Dave for your kind words.   Posted: 05/10/2020 03:15:49

Steve Knight   Steve Knight
This is just terrific. Well done all around. What else can I say.
  Posted: 05/02/2020 22:03:24
M. Arfan Asif   M. Arfan Asif
Thank you Steve for your kind words.   Posted: 05/10/2020 03:15:23

Jerry Hug   Jerry Hug
Great travel photo and it tells a story of people waiting. Love it.

Your conversion is wonderful. The whites are wonderful. For me the story is "Waiting".

I agree with Don Toothacker (The latest webinar that will be put up on the PSA site soon) that B/W images tell a story much better than color images. Jerry   Posted: 05/04/2020 10:17:59
M. Arfan Asif   M. Arfan Asif
Thank you Jerry. Indeed black and white images have a spice of their own. Color inherently can be distractful if not well conceptualized. Interested in the webinar you mention. As I am a black and white imaging fanatic, would like to know what Don Toothacker has to say. Thanks.   Posted: 05/10/2020 03:11:33

Larry Crook   Larry Crook
A wonderful composition! The image tells a story, but even more it raises questions: Who are those people? What are they doing? I like the way that the hands and feet tell another story about the men and the kind of life they live. This image would be a great opening for a series.   Posted: 05/07/2020 13:02:48
M. Arfan Asif   M. Arfan Asif
Thank you Larry. For me too it seems like a bygone age. Modernization development has transformed people, their attire, lifestyle and outlook to life per se. It is only in the remote villages where technology has not reached or influenced that may have such elements to capture. First I thought of a filter effect, but then realized that the originality of the scenario would be compromised and hence left it more for its photo journalistic approach. Many thanks.   Posted: 05/10/2020 03:15:00

Paul Hoffman   Paul Hoffman
This is a great spot and nearly perfectly composed image for the situation, if I was a viewer without your description it would leave so many questions of what was going on, I must admit a ticket box does not come to mind, coffee house or bar. The contrast of the different dress of the main people is brilliant and with just the one looking at you is magic. My one niggle is cutting his elbow off, otherwise magic.   Posted: 05/17/2020 06:20:21


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