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This page is dedicated to discussions about our theme (Monochrome) that are outside the scope of our monthly images.

M. Arfan Asif   M. Arfan Asif
There are various process flows to convert our color images to monochrome using different software. Can all members here share their preferred technique.
I use Adobe Photoshop > Image > Adjustment > Black & White > then I use the 6 levels of R,Y,G,C,B & M and work to achieve a desired effect for a particular tone and contrast. I am aware of the other techniques like conversion in CameraRaw, PS>Image>Mode>Grayscale apart from third party Nik, Topaz, etc. Let's discuss on this topic if and only if our Admin Dave agrees.   Posted: 05/26/2020 05:12:41
Steve Knight   Steve Knight
I'm using this same method more and more. Once I get the image close I will then sometimes use a levels adjustment layer to dial in what I'm looking for along with masking and burning/dodging specific areas as needed for tuning the image. I seem to be relying on this method more and using Silver Efex less.   Posted: 05/26/2020 20:30:50
Paul Hoffman   Paul Hoffman
I must admit I have more than one way of converting the image, it depends on the opening tonality of the image itself. But my favourite way is this.
All my images start in Lightroom so I will do basic tonal shit and convert to monochrome in there owing to the inclusion of the extra colour channels, especially orange. This comes in to play very handily with portraits, sunrises and sunsets.
I will then take it through to PS and using luminosity masks I will balance and tones the individual tonal areas, using this I can get very selective to the areas I want to effect.
With images that don't require so much orange and red, I would covert using Arfan way.   Posted: 05/27/2020 11:06:06
David Halgrimson   David Halgrimson
I use Lightroom for most of my post processing and then check out the B&W version in LR, if it looks like it will work I then use Topaz Silver Efex Pro 2. I go through a number of the presets to find one I like the best for the image. Then I make adjustments starting from the prefix I like. After I may make additional adjustments back in LR.   Posted: 05/27/2020 15:26:10
Vincent Cochain   Vincent Cochain
I use Lightroom (LR) to go in B&W, after the classical adjustments (objectives, crop, ...). After I adjust the level of different colors to treat the image as I like. After I can use Silver Effect Pro (SEP) to obtain a special effect. I usually try different presets, even if I usually use maybe 10 of them. I can make also adjustments at a preset. I come back in LR, and some adjustments can be done again. I don't use SEP for the portrait. I never reached a good result...
I don't use PS for the B&W.   Posted: 05/29/2020 02:12:27
Larry Crook   Larry Crook
I usually open the file in Photoshop and crop and use "image>adjust>levels to eliminate flat areas in the histogram then I open the file in Silver Effex Pro2 and make all the adjustments in that program.   Posted: 06/03/2020 12:42:30

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