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I Won? by Kurtis Sutley

January 2021 - I Won?

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Still typing one-handed. I call this ā€œI Won?ā€ Shot in Tanzania in 2018 using Canon 6D Mk II, Tamron 150-600mm @ f/6.3 and ISO 200 and 1/160 sec. Cropped and post processed in Lightroom.

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Art Jacoby   Art Jacoby
I am impressed. I like how the portrait fill the frame, the perspective and how the birds add interest and value to the image. I think that warming the tones and bringing out some more detail would increase the impact.   Posted: 01/05/2021 22:35:24
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Marge Barham   Marge Barham
Oh my goodness. Poor guy! Arts warming tones really brought out the detail and certainly increased the impact. What an incredible opportunity to be right there in front of this experience. Well done, great capture.

  Posted: 01/13/2021 18:55:50


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