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Goodbye Summer ~ October 2020   by Marge Barham   by Marge Barham

October 2020 - Goodbye Summer ~ October 2020 by Marge Barham

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I was traveling south on US1 along the Florida coast and as often as I could I would get onto A1A to drive next to the ocean. It was a great, relaxing drive. I got out of the car every now and then to take a few photos. I was so happy to come across this huge castle on the beach with no one around to watch it fall. After a few shots of the castle I decided that I didn't want to watch it fall either.
I think its a prefect photo for this time of year with summer ending. My camera and settings were ~ Canon G12, 14mm, f8, 1/250 and ISO 200.

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Gabriele Dellanave   Gabriele Dellanave
Good image, however as I often say I like when the subject has a good breathing space. Your image Marge needs that and some more contrast. I like the softness of and the bleu hue of image. Focus is good as well.   Posted: 10/07/2020 13:29:53
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Marge Barham   Marge Barham
Thank you Gabriele for your comments. I still think my version of the castle on the beach says "Goodbye Summer" much better than your "Good Morning" version. I took the contrast and color out for a reason and I guess that is what makes the world go round, right?
  Posted: 10/07/2020 17:35:24

Sylvia Bacon   Sylvia Bacon
Marge, I like your image with its soft colors, as though it is slowly fading away...."Goodbye Summer". Very nice.   Posted: 10/14/2020 09:28:06
Marge Barham   Marge Barham
Thank you Sylvia. Maybe this year it's a good thing summer is over.   Posted: 10/15/2020 16:40:27

Art Jacoby   Art Jacoby
I do like the soft haze. I used a gradient to warm it up to give it more of a summer or autumnal feel.   Posted: 10/14/2020 21:52:08
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Marge Barham   Marge Barham
Thank you Art for your version and another feel of "Goodbye Summer".
  Posted: 10/15/2020 16:41:36

Stephen Levitas   Stephen Levitas
(Group 32)
This is well done. I like to note similar subjects in the groups. This month, there are two sand sculpture images:
Marge Barham in Group 38.
Jerry Paskowitz in Group 93.   Posted: 10/15/2020 12:27:02
Marge Barham   Marge Barham
Thank you once again for your visit and comment Steve. I just visited your group and love your photo as well. Now I have to go look at Jerry's version.   Posted: 10/15/2020 16:38:21

Kurtis Sutley   Kurtis Sutley
I think everyone has created an image in their style and each is well done. To my eye the image appears in focus and properly exposed. My only suggestion would be to avoid breaking the horizon line. I think it would be okay if you were lower putting the horizon lower on the subject. For me having the two sticks cut the horizon is a distraction.   Posted: 10/15/2020 16:18:13
Marge Barham   Marge Barham
Thank you Kurtis for your comments. More like this . . .

  Posted: 10/15/2020 16:49:33
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Kurtis Sutley   Kurtis Sutley
Yes! Very clever...just remove the distraction.   Posted: 10/17/2020 07:40:33


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