Ham Hayes  

White Sands National Monument by Ham Hayes

April 2021 - White Sands National Monument

April 2021 - Ham Hayes


April 2021 - Ham Hayes

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These dunes are outrageously bright white, and the detailed texture and structures in these gypsum sand dunes is mostly washed out without some post processing enhancement, in this case mostly strong HDR rendition.

The visual effects of these dunes can include disorientation and discomfort, but my sense was they had a dreamy majesty similar to large waves in the open ocean.

I would appreciate the group’s feedback on preference of color versus BW and any thing else.

Image taken about 3 hours after sunrise: ISO 640, 1/2000 sec, f/22, 112mm fl.

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Helen Sweet   Helen Sweet
I like to contrast of your B&W version. You have done well in post, the snow appearing to have detail. I would crop out about 2/3 of the sky (and dust spots) which distracts me from your subject. Good to see landscapes our travels are still limited.   Posted: 04/18/2021 21:34:02


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