Jim Hoskins  

Clouded Sulphur Male by Jim Hoskins

December 2019 - Clouded Sulphur Male

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Captured in the Wildlife Sanctuary near my home. This butterfly and the flowers are out in the early fall. I was there more for birds, for a project, but I usually take what else I find……..Nikon D5100, 80-400 lens at 400, hand held…….So its what I had on the camera. Cropped, lighting adjustments, and a small sharpen.

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Gunter Haibach   Gunter Haibach
Thank you for this Christmas Card!!! Very nicely done. I like how the colour red 'takes' you through the image. The poinsettias at the front are a bit overexposed, but from my experience, they are hard to photograph because they are very reflective.
  Posted: 12/20/2019 06:38:31

Helen Sweet   Helen Sweet
Yes, a lovely Christmas image, Peter. I would like about a fourth of the right cropped off as the red ball dominates and pulls my eye away from the rest of the composition.   Posted: 12/25/2019 12:17:02

Grace Bryant   Grace Bryant
Christmas scenes with all the red and glitter are a hard task. I have done to this image as I do to all my own, I take two pieces of black cardboard and move them around the image on the screen to look for what I feel is the best crop. As a result I would crop to a vertical removing from the left to the blue flag and a small piece off the bottom. My reasoning for this suggestion is that it removes the busy side, retains the sharpest elements and has points of interest. One could get picky about the lights. These are my own thoughts, others may see it differently.   Posted: 12/29/2019 18:25:45