Barbara Gore  

Tree With a View by Barbara Gore

March 2023 - Tree With a View

About the Image(s)

This image was taken during one of my hikes on the Blue Ridge Parkway a fews years ago. The tree stood so perfectly still and it screamed for a photo to be taken.
Unfortunately, there was a bush to the left of the tree which was too close and there was no way to maneuver around it, so in PS I used the lasso tool and content aware to erase it. I also cloned a portion of the bush that was closest to the tree. Other edits were highlights, shadows, vibrance and texture.

5D Mark IV
24-105mm lens @ 40mm
ISO 320
Aperture 5.0
1/640 sec

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Adi Ben-Senior   Adi Ben-Senior
Barbara, I like the picture and the positioning of the subject tree on the 1/3 left. The contrast of the image is too low / texture is too high creating the looks of the clouds un realistic with the horizon lines of the mountains.   Posted: 03/05/2023 18:49:40

Diane Ferdig   Diane Ferdig
I think this is a nice image of a very interesting tree. I like the layers of the rolling hills. It looks well composed. The bushes don't bother me. It seems you did a good job removing the one bush. I agree the image needs more contrast. Maybe mask the sky and edit it separately.   Posted: 03/07/2023 12:43:27

Michael Jack   Michael Jack
I like the overall composition and position of the tree. It looks like it is stepping into the scene... It is balanced a bit by the limbs on the bottom right. I somewhat agree with Adi in that for me I would like to see a bit more contrast in the near hills. The sky appears a bit too cyan to my eyes but maybe that is what it was. You might work the clouds a bit more with the dehaze or clarity slider. Parts of the clouds almost looks blown out, but sometimes that look appears with our low res images for study groups.
  Posted: 03/10/2023 14:42:52

Larry Treadwell   Larry Treadwell
While I like the lone tree and the sort of minimal look to the scene the image feels incongruent. Somehow the sky feels like it should be brighter (based on the amount of blue and the type of clouds). It just seems flat. Others have suggested contrast and dehaze adjustments but you might try white balance as well. Then work with the HSL sliders   Posted: 03/12/2023 09:37:11

Bill Peake   Bill Peake
I really love the composition of the image. I agree with the others that the image does appear a bit flat. I would probably start with a light dehaze and then fiddle with the contrast/brightness. I like to use masking on my adjustment layers so I can independently adjust the ground and sky as I have found they often need different treatments.   Posted: 03/18/2023 13:05:46

Barbara Gore   Barbara Gore
Thanks everyone for your feedback. I will relook at the image and take everyone's recommendations into consideration.   Posted: 03/24/2023 08:41:09