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Monastery Remains by Arne Skinlo

April 2021 - Monastery Remains

April 2021 - Arne Skinlo


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Remains from a Monastery

Since we cannot move much due to the Covid 19, we stay at home this Easter and can focus on thing around us. This ruins are just a few miles from our home and I finally shot the pictures I have planned for a long time.

It is shot in the dark and I used a LED panel for lightening. It is composite of six shots where I lit each part individually. I used Photoshop for editing.

Camera: Canon 5D mark 4 with 24 mm TS lens.
Settings: ISO 100, 27 sec in Bulb mode, f/11
LED panel
Remote trigger

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Richard White   Richard White
It's nice to have ancient ruins to photograph. Something we miss in the states. I believe you accomplished what you set out to do. the round item in the photo leads the viewers eye to the ruins in the background. Removing the light source on the left side of the photo was a good decision.   Posted: 04/03/2021 14:19:04

Michael Jack   Michael Jack
I like the composition and the slight crop you did of the sky. The post processing emphasizing the darkness makes sense to me.
My suggestion is to have the light come more from the right or left. It appears the lighting is mostly front lite which flattens the image.   Posted: 04/03/2021 17:36:39

Larry Treadwell   Larry Treadwell
I do like the ruins quite a bit but I would prefer if something in the image was a bit brighter. It just feels like I'm still in the dark. Now that may be the feel you wanted and if so then what is here is fine. Since you are such a master at the dodge and burn effect I would suggest that the bring up the center row of columns to be more of an eye catcher. Or perhaps create a bit of a pathway to the columns---although I'm not sure that is the best choice. For me the image just seems to have an attention grabbing center piece.   Posted: 04/04/2021 08:48:28

Barbara Gore   Barbara Gore
What a fun place to photograph and nice job. The photo is on the darker side with the vignetting, but I like how the ruins are lit. For me the ruins are the main event. The sky and trees give it a sense of place, but I'm not convinced those elements are necessary especially with a blank sky. What do you think about cropping the photo to fill the frame, so the subject becomes a significant portion of the photograph?
  Posted: 04/10/2021 09:04:53
Arne Skinlo   Arne Skinlo
Thank you for your comment, Barbara. I will try out your suggestion.
  Posted: 04/10/2021 12:38:42

Jane Thomas   Jane Thomas
like yourself, I love taking shots of historical buildings.

Cropping the sky and changing to a square format maybe?

I love the variety of the stonework pillars and the circle, which here in Ireland is called a Fort, gives it interest. Also the brick wall behind it. The image to me seems a little flat and wondered if a little more clarity and enhancing the texture would help.

  Posted: 04/11/2021 14:28:36

Arne Skinlo   Arne Skinlo
Hi Jane, thank you for your comment. I see that most of the comments on this image go in the same direction, so I am thinking of reshooting it as it is not very far from where I live. I will then also light up the trees in the background slightly.
  Posted: 04/11/2021 16:36:26

Arne Skinlo   Arne Skinlo
Based on all the good comments I have received, I have redone the image. I think this version is much better. Thank you everybody who have contributed :)   Posted: 04/13/2021 14:30:24
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Larry Treadwell   Larry Treadwell
This has a haunting beauty that carries me back to an earlier age. I can now almost see the monks on their way to prayer. The simple edition of the light imparts life to the stones. Nicely done.   Posted: 04/13/2021 15:31:50

Arne Skinlo   Arne Skinlo
Based on all the good comments I have received, I have redone the image. I think this version is much better. Thank you everybody who have contributed :)   Posted: 04/14/2021 01:41:14
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Bill Peake   Bill Peake
I really like what you did with the lighting. I do like you second image better than the first. It really improves upon the lighting quite a bit and gives more dimension to the image.   Posted: 04/14/2021 23:43:39


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