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Alabama Hills by Michael Jack

February 2021 - Alabama Hills

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In November I was photographing in Death Valley when we got a weather alert that high winds would hit the next day. Any camper or van type of vehicle were encouraged not to be on the road. So we left early in the morning to go to the Alabama Hills next to the Sierra Mountains. The sky was spectacular - magenta with unusual cloud formations formed by the winds. I have a number of shots I like and have a hard time deciding which is my favorite. This month I picked one that caught the glow of the rising sun enhanced by the white face of the mountain.

Canon 5R, 24-105 f4 L lens @ 78mm, ISO 800, f11, 11/40 sec

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Arief Rahardjo
(Group 33)
The golden color of mountain very eye catching. This is a very simple nice landscape with very detail foreground. I love it.   Posted: 02/05/2021 23:21:22

Larry Treadwell   Larry Treadwell
This image has a great deal of instant impact. That alpen glow is hard to beat when you want to attract the viewer's attention. I also like how you have a bleed in color in the middle of the frame as it creates more depth. I also think the simplicity of the scene draws more attention to the glow.

The only suggestion I can think of would be to slightly darken the foreground rocks. They are so "in your face" that I feel they compete with the high peaks for attention. Maybe toning them down would reduce that affect. Any thoughts on that?   Posted: 02/06/2021 15:03:11
Michael Jack   Michael Jack
I think you are right. Good observation   Posted: 02/10/2021 11:23:29

Richard White   Richard White
Michael, good decision to go to Alabama hills, not only did you not get the winds, you got a great morning goldern hour. Outstand color and I really like that you captured the clouds in wind. I tend to agree with Larry, that slightly darkening the foregound boulers would give more interest on the mountains.   Posted: 02/06/2021 16:04:56

Bill Peake   Bill Peake
Great image! I really love the tone of the mountains, particularly the magenta at the bottom. I agree with the others about darkening the foreground boulders.   Posted: 02/09/2021 23:15:34

Arne Skinlo   Arne Skinlo
I like your picture. Like street photography, landscapes also have their decisive moments and you have captured this one very well.

I agree with the others about darkening the foreground, but I have gone a step further and given it a bluish tone. The reason for this is twofold; the middle mountains have a purple tone and I have enhanced this into the foreground. Second, the blue in the foreground makes symmetry to the sky besides giving a color contrast.   Posted: 02/14/2021 05:51:13
Michael Jack   Michael Jack
Interesting. Thanks Arne   Posted: 02/14/2021 08:07:12
Larry Treadwell   Larry Treadwell
Great catch Arne
I noticed that purple cast as well. I was wondering if something could be done with that. You did it. :-)   Posted: 02/14/2021 10:24:24

Arne Skinlo   Arne Skinlo
  Posted: 02/14/2021 05:52:55
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Larry Treadwell   Larry Treadwell
  Posted: 02/14/2021 10:24:32

Katherine Wong   Katherine Wong
Beautiful golden glow of the mountain against the magenta sky! I agree that darkening the foreground hill will stand out the mountain and sky more. Arne's color treatment is perfect!   Posted: 02/19/2021 09:53:28


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