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Thingvellir by Bill Peake

June 2020 - Thingvellir

June 2020 - Bill Peake


About the Image(s)

This is an image I took when we visited Iceland in July of 2018 and the Thingvellir (Assembly Fields) National Park. It is situated in a rift valley where the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates are moving apart. This was the meeting place of the Icelandic Parliament until 1800 CE.

The image was taken on a Nikon D7200 with the stock lens. The shutter was set to 1/800, the aperture to f/9 aperture and the ISO to 360. Post processing was done with Adobe Photoshop. The initial RAW image was dehazed The photo was masked into two zones, sky and ground. For the ground, an unsharp filter was used bring out some more details and a levels adjustment layer was used to brighten the ground, which was a little dark. For the sky brightness and contrast were adjusted to enhance the clouds. The saturation was increased slightly over the whole image. Finally the image was cropped to eliminate some of the sky and foreground. I am enclosing the original image for reference.

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Richard White   Richard White
Bill, nice work, you took a so-so photo and changed it into a very good photo, Nice Work!
Only suggestion I have is maybe us curves to bring out the detail.   Posted: 06/02/2020 15:11:45

Larry Treadwell   Larry Treadwell
Your processing work make this into a much more interesting image. Not having been to Iceland this is an inviting scene but for me it needs a "hero". I like the look, but I do not see it as a photo that carries great initial impact. The distant mountain does carry the majesty of Kirkjufel nor is there another landmark to provide the impact.

What you have is a beautiful scene and the reality is that your processing skills turned it into a image with visual appeal. Sometimes as photographers we aren't always lucky enough to find the magical scene. But someone who know how to handle a camera can turn it into a worthwhile image.

Unless you want the river/lake on the right to be the subject, you might consider cropping some of it off. It is the bright spot that draws the eye.   Posted: 06/03/2020 15:17:15

Michael Jack   Michael Jack
Super processing so I have nothing to add there. My only suggestion is to decide which is most important - the land or the sky and crop accordingly. Personally I would crop some of the beautiful sky away to make it more about the landscape. The only other suggestion is to lighten the part of the cliff in the bottom middle of the image to draw more attention to that area. Just looking I have a hard time deciding if that is vegetation or rock.   Posted: 06/11/2020 18:21:31

Arne Skinlo   Arne Skinlo
I have been on about the same spot, Iceland is just fantastic for photographers. You have done a very good job with the post-processing. To my taste, you could do with less saturation as it would look more natural. I would suggest trying cropping from the left and some of the sky to emphasize on the essential parts of the image.   Posted: 06/13/2020 05:42:26

George R Phile   George R Phile
Nice image Bill from the top of the plate boundary. I was there in May 2018 with my grandson on his day off work but we didn't have time to go to the top. I think cropping out half of the sky would make this image more dramatic. The water in the lower left is a bit distracting but if half of the sky was cropped out the water would become more of the image and lead past the cliffs on the left to the mountains in the background. A little more detail in the distant mountains would be nice. Good image.   Posted: 06/13/2020 16:03:20