Richard White  

Yosemite falls by Richard White

October 2019 - Yosemite falls

About the Image(s)

Equipment: Camera: Canon Camera EOS 5D Mark IV
Lens Canon EF 24-105mm, F/4L IS II USM
Tripod: HandHeld
Settings: F13, 1/50, ISO 50,
Deion: Cropped photo of Yosemite Falls, Yosemite National Park
In March 2017 while taking photos in Yosemite National Park I cropped a photo to show the
lower falls and the mist of the upper falls.

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Richard White   Richard White
Well after reviewing everyone else's photo, I decided to review mine. Used Curves to bring out the mist and then sharpen the whole photo. See photo below. Comments welcomed.   Posted: 10/10/2019 14:28:30
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Michael Jack   Michael Jack
I think this is nicely seen and cropped. I agree with the changes you made. Good choice on shutter speed for a handheld photo. You might consider just bringing up the exposure slightly for the falls and area around it and slightly darkening the bright area of the cliff on the upper left and the bottom of the bright orange tree going out the bottom of the photo.   Posted: 10/10/2019 15:41:48

No picture can do proper justice to the vastness of the falls and water intensity. Though the second picture is better compared to the first one, but I liked the first one too.   Posted: 10/10/2019 23:06:23

Le Tho Giao   Le Tho Giao
I was here just this past weekend (Oct 5) but not as lucky as you are. After spending 25 minutes driving around for a parking space, I found out that the falls, both Upper and Lower Yosemite, dried out! So I had to drive around some more and finally caught sight of the bridalveil fall which I will post next month!
I like the revised version much better: it gives vivid details of the rocks and the mist! Great work!   Posted: 10/12/2019 12:39:48

George R Phile   George R Phile
Richard, Your second one is my favorite. Maybe the orange bush at the bottom of the picture could be darkened a bit but that may be just a personal preference. Really nice image.   Posted: 10/12/2019 15:55:22

Arne Skinlo   Arne Skinlo
I like your cropping. It makes it stand out from the crowd. You get the impression that this is beautiful, but there is much more that you don`t see. Imagination is often better than seeing. I have no suggestions for improvement.   Posted: 10/15/2019 01:42:12

Bill Peake   Bill Peake
Hmmm, I must have missed the first image. This one looks good. I like the cropped and the falls appear sharp and the mist is quite visible. I agree with the others that perhaps darkening the cliff and bushes a bit would give the falls more impact. It is a great image without any changes though.   Posted: 10/29/2019 19:07:30