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 Stormy Weather by George R Phile

October 2019 - Stormy Weather

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We took Baltic Cruise and stopped over in Copenhagen Denmark and took a canal cruise where I captured this image
which highlighted the coming storm.
The only editing was done in Lightroom where I reduced the brightness some.
I used a Nikon D700, Aperture Priority, 1EV exposure compensation, Nikon 28-30mm zoom at 55mm, f/5.6, ISO 800,

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Richard White   Richard White
George, hope you and your wife had a great time on the cruise. I really liked this picture of the canal and the storm. My only suggestion is to darked the sky. I used curves to darken the sky and the overall of the photo to emphasize the coming storm clouds.   Posted: 10/10/2019 14:10:04
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Michael Jack   Michael Jack
I like the wall of buildings framing the canal on one side and the masts of sailboats doing the same on the other. The sky adds interests, and the exposure looks right on. Nice reflections in the water. You got amazing DOF for f5.6 so well done. My only suggestion is to do a slight perspective adjustment to make the building sides and sailboat masts vertical.   Posted: 10/10/2019 15:26:36
George R Phile   George R Phile
Michael/Jack, Looking at it now, I agree about the perspective adjustment, Thanks   Posted: 10/15/2019 08:55:43

Arne Skinlo   Arne Skinlo
I like the way you have captured the tension between the calmness in the lower part and the dramatic storm coming at the top. I agree with Jack in correcting the perspective. It is almost like a painting.   Posted: 10/15/2019 01:19:49

Bill Peake   Bill Peake
I really like the way this image contrasts the calmness in the water with the approaching storm. I love the reflections in the water. One thing that I did notice is that the lighting in the buildings does not seem to match what is in the sky, you can see shadows and highlighted areas as if it is in direct sunlight. Of course then sun does seem to be behind you so it could be. You could try experimenting toning down the highlights and perhaps darkening the landscape excluding the sky to accentuate the drama of the coming storm. Great capture!   Posted: 10/23/2019 16:37:12

John Roach   John Roach
(Group 64)
Very nice image. Adjusting perspective will make the image very, very nice.   Posted: 10/24/2019 10:44:57