Tatu Korhonen  

 Hesperia Park by Tatu Korhonen

March 2023 - Hesperia Park

March 2023 - Tatu Korhonen


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This picture was taken in one of my favourite spots here in my hometown Helsinki: The Hesperia Park at the Töölönlahti Bay. The big old trees next to the waterfront attract me always. This day was foggish, a few degrees above the freezing point, between two colder and more snowy periods. This is quite a popular park in which people are walkin, jogging and cycling.
My camera is an older Sony Nex-5 which I had converted into full spectrum a few years ago. The lens is a vintage but excellent DDR made Prakticar 1.8/50mm with PB to Sony E adapter and 720nm IR filter. Settings: f 8, 1/50 sec, 200 ASA. Post processing on my android pad with Snapseed.

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Debbie Rubin   Debbie Rubin
Lovely image, Tatu. Great reflection, nicely placed in the foreground. An added bonus to have the woman walking into the image with her carriage. The only thing I would change to enhance the image would be to up the exposure, or the contrast.   Posted: 03/08/2023 10:14:47

Nelson Charette   Nelson Charette
Very nice! I also like the reflections, and good timing to catch the woman walking into the frame. I would bring up the white or highlights, seems a little dark.   Posted: 03/20/2023 08:47:30

Stuart Bacon   Stuart Bacon
The simplicity of the scene makes it stand out. Including the reflection in the foreground really makes the image different and much more interesting. I suggest that you make the entire scene lighter and add some contrast so it doesn't have the drab appearance. However, the areas around the reflection should be burned in slightly to set off the refection.   Posted: 03/22/2023 19:12:23

Tatu Korhonen
Thank you for the kind comments. I do agree with your remarks when I look my picture in this small format. I just tried to reflect the original weather conditions.   Posted: 03/23/2023 01:28:54