Helen Herbert, EPSA  

St. Begas by Helen Herbert, EPSA

October 2020 - St. Begas

October 2020 - Helen Herbert, EPSA


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Taken with my usual Nikon D200 converted IR Camera with Nikon 24 mm lens.
This was taken a few years ago at this small church at the side of Bassenthwaite Lake in the Lake District. I feel I may have sent this in before but with different processing. This one was processed with CLIR and as usual messed about till I got what I thought was acceptable. I am happy to hear that others do not take notes with CLIR and mess around also, as it's impossible to do otherwise when clicking this and that button then deleting and starting again!!! Only thing I can say is that I took my dng into Camera Raw profiles. Chose the one I liked. Into CLIR clicked on Auto then IR WB, then after that did my experimenting with the various buttons.

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Terry Clark   Terry Clark
I am not sure what message you wish to convey with this image but it leads me into some interesting thoughts.
The lack of details and tones in the "lawn" make this look like a desert scene of hot scorched land with a pool of life giving water appearing to flow from the church [or mountain, i.e. god(s)] unto the humble viewer.   Posted: 10/04/2020 15:06:42

Julie Walker   Julie Walker
I don't think I have seen this one before. I like the blue and yellow tones you have achieved and I also like the combination of elements, water, church, trees and mountain. Maybe the area of grass between the water and the church could be toned down a little as it is rather bright and perhaps taking a little off the top of the image would focus attention on the church. I might also clone the telegraph pole out. I feel the water is an important element as it draws my attention in towards the church. Overall a pleasing image.   Posted: 10/12/2020 11:21:12

Sharon Prislipsky   Sharon Prislipsky
For me there is a lot of potential in this scene, but there are several things that minimize my enjoyment of it. First is the very bright area in the middle, because my eye just wants to stay there and not move through the image exploring the interesting church or the small area of water (is it just a puddle?) that takes up a lot of real estate in the foreground. I almost feel like there is a split center of interest here with that basically featureless area separating them. Also, cutting off the top of the hill is, for me, an issue. It appears that there is a bit of detail in the sky so it would not be another featureless area; but then adding that in further complicates the scene for me. Your post processing is always top notch an I admire the way you use soft color. I am not sure I have a workable suggestion for improving this image. If you were to go there again would you consiter shooting it from further to the left so that you get some angles rather than so many orizontal lines? Just a thought. I am sorry I can't be more helpful.   Posted: 10/17/2020 09:39:01

Debbie Perez   Debbie Perez
I love this scene, the little church, stone wall and water in the foreground are just lovely. The stark almost white areas aren't working for me BUT I do have a suggestion that might work. I love the grass "bunches" that edge the water and make a little path to wall. Trying bringing out more detail for them ( if you have Topaz Precision Contrast would work) and maybe even in the background area for the trees and hill. Then add a color overlay with mask that is close the tones of the tree and use it to cover the brighter areas. You could leave the grass bunches a little lighter to lead one's eye into the photo. If you want a mountain top, you could fake it in PS.   Posted: 10/17/2020 11:29:44

Stuart Bacon   Stuart Bacon
When I first looked at this I felt there were two pictures as the stone wall divides the attention to what is beyond it and what is in front of it. Both centers of interest hold the attention. I prefer the church (love those old buildings) so suggest cropping just above the pool and use the stream as a nice leading to the scene. CLiR seems to work for you - well done.   Posted: 10/18/2020 14:57:48


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