Julie Walker, EPSA  

Courtyard Pienza by Julie Walker, EPSA

October 2020 - Courtyard Pienza

October 2020 - Julie Walker, EPSA


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This is an image taken on my trip to Tuscany, Italy in 2017. It was taken in a courtyard in Pienza around which various works of art were exhibited. I visited at around midday and I was taken by the way the light was catching this small tree in the centre of the courtyard which I think had been planted in an old well which had been filled in. The image was taken on my old camera, the EOS 350D, with my 17 - 40 mm lens. Settings were ISO 400, f11 and 1/250th sec.

In processing this image I wanted to emphasise the contrast between the areas in the light and those in the shade. As usual I initially processed the image in Lightroom. I then converted the image to monochrome in Silver Effex and then used Colour Effex and applied tonal contrast. I then sharpened the image and reduced the noise. Finally I cloned out some of the distracting elements and darkened the shadow of the tree.

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Helen Herbert   Helen Herbert
Great impact here Julie and you have handled this very well with your usual expertise. I like the way you have placed this slightly off centre in one of the arches so that the eye can lead through and see what's beyond. Everything is sharp which suits the environment of architecture and cobbles etc., and the icing on the cake is the tree which lights up like a beacon. Nothing I can say to improve it,   Posted: 10/10/2020 04:28:50

Sharon Prislipsky   Sharon Prislipsky
I think you have arranged the composition in a way that focuses my eye on the tree, and that the light on it makes it pop out from the background. The image appears to have dark blacks and bright whites, but I wonder if the area inside the cloister were brightened a bit if it would increase the impact for this image. Just a thought. Try it and see what you think.   Posted: 10/17/2020 09:16:08

Debbie Perez   Debbie Perez
Your little tree is the star. I'm drawn right to it. I noticed the brick work and was wondering if you might work with it to bring out some of it lines and textures which may add more interest to the photo. I can see other possibilities to play with this photo but doubt they would offer much of an enhancement. Well done!   Posted: 10/17/2020 10:54:19


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