Stuart Bacon, QPSA  

Palouse Tree by Stuart Bacon, QPSA

December 2019 - Palouse Tree

December 2019 - Stuart Bacon, QPSA


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Like others I am learning CLIR. This IR image was taken in the Palouse with my converted Nikon D50. The 18-250 lens was set at 26 mm and f8 and of the bracketed exposures I used 1/2500 for the processing image. It was opened in RAW with very few changes. Then in P/S I did the channel swap and opened the CLIR panel. Then it was trial and numerous errors until I reached this final image. Since the tree had a blue tinge I went back to P/S and used Hue/Saturation to subdue it. While I am satisfied with the results it will take a while until I'm familiar with the CLIR and feel comfortable using it.

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April Kao   April Kao
You did a great job using CLIR! Beautiful colors and contrast, very peaceful, you can make the upper left sky even more dramatic if you like.   Posted: 12/09/2019 23:38:37

Julie Walker   Julie Walker
This is a lovely image. The tree stands out against the background and provides a strong focal point. There is plenty of interest too in the sky and the hills in the background. Maybe you could crop a little off the bottom which isn't so interesting but that is the only suggestion I can make.   Posted: 12/11/2019 04:42:17

Helen Herbert   Helen Herbert
Ahh Stuart. This is indeed a beautiful image so gentle and subtle and to do it with CLIR. The sky is beautiful Great. I can understand only too well your frustrations, as you know, but it has been well worth the effort it in this case. Keep it up. I really can't make any criticms . This is your best to date.   Posted: 12/11/2019 09:39:33


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