Mike Cowdrey, MPSA  

Park In The Mist With Deer by Mike Cowdrey, MPSA

March 2023 - Park In The Mist With Deer

March 2023 - Mike Cowdrey, MPSA


March 2023 - Mike Cowdrey, MPSA

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Both the deer and the park were taken recently in Wollaton Park, Nottingham, near my home. The deer, (Original 1), was isolated from the background and copied onto Original 2 at 90%. The result was treated to Abstraction 1 in Topaz Studio 2 again at 90%. This was done very quickly, and I decided to treat the resulting image as final, without any further adjustments.

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Andrew Hersom   Andrew Hersom
(Group 40)
Very nice effect on the background trees which works well. I like this a lot - it's given me some ideas! My feeling is that it would work even better if the deer was looking into the scene rather than out of the scene. What do you think?   Posted: 03/07/2023 14:57:51
Mike Cowdrey   Mike Cowdrey
Thanks, Andrew. I did try the deer facing inwards, but compositionally I feel it is better facing away from the trees rather than towards them. I know the rules are usually for things to face inwards but then rules are there to be broken!   Posted: 03/08/2023 02:12:56

Ian Ledgard   Ian Ledgard
(Group 18)
This works so very well because of the softness of the trees. It reminds me of the pictures you see in children's books, so all you have to do is write the book and create more images.   Posted: 03/08/2023 09:51:29

Steve Estill   Steve Estill
I like this a lot. The effects are excellent.
I think it's right that the deer should be coming out of the trees - it's where they're happiest. I've added a couple more in the trees, because I never know when to stop!   Posted: 03/10/2023 16:03:49
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Jan Handman   Jan Handman
Super image Mike. I love the effect the Abstraction put on the tree leaves -- they really pop out of the image. I'm glad you removed the person walking in the trees; he would have distracted from the overall scene. I also like the deer walking out of the trees, rather than into them. My only suggestion would be to add a slight vignette to reduce the bright spot on the mid-lower right edge. Very nice treatment; it was the perfect adaptation for this particular scene.   Posted: 03/14/2023 13:51:20

Gunter Haibach   Gunter Haibach
I like this image quite a bit - strong composition, beautiful colours . My only suggestion would be to add a touch more of Altered Reality features - looks too "real" for my eyes.   Posted: 03/19/2023 11:05:33

Frans Gunterus   Frans Gunterus
Hi Mike. I enjoy your creation so much. I love how you bring misty mood into the composition. I feel calm, cool and peaceful. Inspiring composition. Good job Mike!   Posted: 03/23/2023 22:18:15

Candy Childrey   Candy Childrey
Good work, Mike. Your use of Topaz 2, Abstraction does such a good job of pulling the image together. The deer does seem to be missing a hind leg as the abstract softness sort of blends it out of the image.   Posted: 03/24/2023 15:17:03

Steve Wessing   Steve Wessing
A nice composite. The haze is a bit uneven to my eye, and the loss of detail in the deer's legs is unfortunate. I like your original #2 as it was.   Posted: 03/25/2023 12:32:21