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Tourist Trap by Jan Handman

August 2019 - Tourist Trap

August 2019 - Jan Handman

Original 1

August 2019 - Jan Handman

Original 2

August 2019 - Jan Handman

Original 3

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I started with the photo of the arches (Original 1) and knew I wanted a person looking out beyond them, but not much of a concept beyond that. I used PS Lens Correction and Perspective Warp to make it into a straight-on shot rather than angled. As I was scrolling through old stash photos, several clock dials and gears jumped out at me, so I dragged them onto the background layer. Two of the clocks were processed through Hyper Droste ipad app to get the swirl effect. I added the light bulbs up at the top and enhanced their glow by using a soft white brush on each one a couple times. The upper windows were distracting, so I covered them up by cutting/pasting the wall panel in between them. The stairs and the flat area at the top of them were added to give the "tourist" a place to stand. At that point the arches looked weird with the steps, so I extended the brown column detail down in front of the steps so the two elements looked more integrated. The sky shot was added behind the arches. Once I added the tourist, it felt like she needed something to engage her in the scene, so I added the second set of steps and the swirl clock beckoning her into oblivion or timelessness, depending on the viewer's interpretation. Once the image was flattened, I used On1 Dynamic Contrast and Glow; PS Poster Edges and Oil Paint; and On 1 Dynamic Contrast and Glow a second time. A vignette was added as a last step. After looking at it for a couple of days, the right archway looked too empty, but I knew I wanted to keep an odd number of arches, so I added the birds.

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Jan Handman   Jan Handman
In my write-up I forgot to mention that once I added the brown panels to extend the arches in front of the steps, I realized that the narrow column at the back of the arches didn't make logistical sense. I was planning to fix that but didn't want to chop up the steps even more. Once I added the spiral clock and staircase in the sky, I decided logistics had gone out the window anyway (hee hee), so I just left it as it was.   Posted: 08/01/2019 14:28:02

Steve Estill   Steve Estill
You've given us another lesson in Photoshop. Thanks.
I love this image. There's so much to see and it's so well put together.
Using the ipad apps is something I should look into - just don't know where to find the time! You make them look superb.
I'm impressed by the way you've composed the whole image. The way you've led us into the distant dreaming is an art in itself.
Thanks again for my smile!!   Posted: 08/04/2019 15:48:06
Jan Handman   Jan Handman
Thanks Steve. I think you would get a hoot out of some of the ipad apps. It seems daunting to decide because there are so many, but one of my most favorite is iColorama. Tons of fun presets to tinker with just for fun when you're needing some relaxation time. And I think you've given me an idea for next month's image too -- cool!   Posted: 08/08/2019 16:48:15

Candy Childrey   Candy Childrey
Jan, everything in this image works together so well. All the spirals and clock faces work together to pull the image together. The tourist anchors the viewer's eye. Good job.   Posted: 08/13/2019 11:51:39

Georgianne Giese   Georgianne Giese
Now that's a work of art! The duplication of the spiral design really adds to your image. One suggestion: Make the distant blue spiral a tad bit more contrasty/defined, in order to draw the eye past the predominant foreground and deeply into the picture.   Posted: 08/24/2019 22:13:15
Jan Handman   Jan Handman
Good suggestion. Thanks Georgianne.   Posted: 08/29/2019 10:46:01

Helen Sweet   Helen Sweet
Thank you for sharing the story, Jan, of the way the image kept evolving from your original concept. The final image is intriguing, drawing me back thru the lovely building you've created to the woman contemplating climbing the final steps into the sky. And I continue to look around and around at all of the component parts. Beautiful.   Posted: 08/25/2019 00:58:11