Marilyn Peake  

Southern California Railway Museum by Marilyn Peake

April 2021 - Southern California Railway Museum

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I took this photograph at the Southern California Railway Museum in Perris, California in March 2019 when our local photography club went there with the PSA SoCal Roundup.

I shot this photograph handheld with a Nikon D7200, f/7.1, 1/1000 sec., ISO-200. In Photoshop, I increased overall saturation, decreased blue saturation, decreased brightness, and increased contrast.

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Raymond Zurschmitten   Raymond Zurschmitten
Pretty picture with good format, successful colors and good layout. For me it has too much information, so that the message of the image is clear to me only after reading the text. A locomotive or a train car in the foreground would have facilitated my understanding of the location.   Posted: 04/04/2021 11:10:37
Marilyn Peake   Marilyn Peake
Thanks, Raymond.   Posted: 04/06/2021 22:50:49

Arief Rahardjo
In my opinion this image too many thing to see. Even though this was a good capture image. It's also challenging for me to select primary focus. I try to crop and adjust your photo.   Posted: 04/05/2021 05:09:18
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Marilyn Peake   Marilyn Peake
Thanks, Arief. It does seem to work better with the cropping.   Posted: 04/06/2021 22:51:32

Paul Hoffman   Paul Hoffman
This is a good historic shot showing off the scene, I do agree that the image has to much in it for a viewer to view in one, the eye is being drawn by the object on the right edge. I do think the crop by Arief is to harsh as the bridge is the main part of the image. So I have gone for a smaller crop that concentrate the viewer on the three main elements and leaves that wonderful backdrop dead centre.   Posted: 04/13/2021 06:03:44
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Marilyn Peake   Marilyn Peake
Thanks, Paul! I like that cropping a lot.   Posted: 04/15/2021 22:36:18


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